Super Bowl 2021: the changes that the pandemic has forced

February 1, 2021

Finally arrived. Overcoming all the obstacles imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Super Bowl activities begin this Monday in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The Buccaneers and Chiefs are ready to write one more page of this history, which will be marked by the pandemic, which has forced the NFL to reinvent itself and find new ways so that the event can be carried out in the safest way and with the least possible contagion risk.

These are some of the big changes that Super Bowl 2021 will have.

Goodbye to “opening night”, hello to Zoom

The now traditional Super Bowl opening night, better known as “media day” has been one of the biggest changes.

Gone are the great arenas and stadiums packed with reporters, cameras and microphones. This year those spaces will be replaced by videoconferences via zoom.

Although it is still called “opening night”, the first approach of the teams with the media will take place this Monday, February 1 in the morning. The first team to speak will be the Buccaneers at 11:00 a.m., followed by the Chiefs at 11:45 a.m.

Outdoor activities

One of the essential events during the week of the Super Bowl is the “NFL Experience” that allows fans to participate in dynamics, games and enjoy exhibitions that allow them to feel like a professional player for a few hours, however this activity has undergone several changes due to the pandemic.

Fans gather in Tampa to kick off Super Bowl activities. AFP / ARCHIVE

For the first time, the experience will be totally outdoors, distributed throughout the Tampa Bay.

In addition, attendees will be required to use mask all the time they are in the place. To attend, you must reserve a time when you buy your ticket, this in order to avoid large crowds.

No cash

The few fans who make it into Raymond James Stadium for the Buccaneers-Kansas City Chiefs game will have to leave their cash at home as, for the first time, these types of payments will not be accepted.

Super Bowl attendees should only use contactless payment options.

To achieve this, “ATMs” will be installed where fans can enter the cash and deposit it to a card with a minimum spend of $ 500.

Although this will be the first Super Bowl with this methodology, it is expected that the program will be implemented in the following events.

Arrival of the Chiefs to Tampa

In previous editions of the Super Bowl, the tradition was that the teams that played the match arrived in the host city on the Sunday or Monday before the match, mainly to attend the media night, however, with the new mode via zoom, this will not be necessary.

While the Buccaneers will have the advantage of playing in their stadium and not having to travel, the Chiefs will fly from Tampa through Friday.

There will be no full stadium

The only time a Super Bowl had not registered a full stadium was in 1967 in a game in which, precisely, the Chiefs participated against the Packers. That year’s attendance mark was 61,946 fans and it was the lowest ever … so far.

For this year, Raymond James state, which has a capacity of 65,890 fans, will only be able to receive 22,000 people, of which 7,500 will be health workers who have already been vaccinated.

The duel between the Buccaneers and the Chiefs will be played next Sunday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m., Mexico time at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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