Super Bowl 2021: Tom Brady plans to extend his career beyond 45 years

February 2, 2021

Tom Brady keeps setting ever higher limits on how long he could play in the NFL.

As the 43-year-old quarterback prepares to play in his 10th Super Bowl, an NFL record, and the first since arriving at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he said He has begun to weigh the possibility of exceeding his previous goal and playing after his 45th birthday.

“Yes, definitely. I would definitely consider it, ”Brady said yesterday at his first Super Bowl press conference of the week. “It is a physical sport. My perspective on it is that you never really know when it’s time, just being a contact sport. There is a lot of training involved. I would have to be 100% committed to keep doing it. “

Brady He still maintains that commitment, working closely with his multi-year coach Alex Guerrero with various practices, diets, and other preparations that have allowed him to thrive in an age when most of his colleagues have already retired.

“I think obviously, for me, football has been my sport. It’s a career, but it really is part of my daily life, ”he declared. “Because of the decisions I make, I’m always thinking ‘How does this affect my game? How does my training impact between seasons? ‘ The position that I have taken over a period of time is well documented, which certainly did not start all at the same time. I think the way I train and how I recover is very important. The work I do with my coach Alex is fundamental to the success I have had ”.

That work has helped him Brady to achieve achievements unmatched in the history of NFL.

He has 10 Super Bowl appearances, six titles, three MVP awards, the most touchdown passes in the regular season (581) and the possibility of passing Drew Brees next season in the most yards in history , in the event that it retires in the coming months, as anticipated.

What Brady has managed simply since he turned 40 before the 2017 campaign would be a brilliant career for most players.

He has 20,776 passing yards in the regular season and postseason, 142 touchdowns, an MVP and a third trip to the Super Bowl, after winning the title at the end of the 2018 season with New England and having stayed on the edge the previous year.

The perspective I have about it (keep playing), is that you never really know when the time is. I have to be committed

-Tom Brady, QB de Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady values ​​al rival, Mahomes

Passengers from two different generations will meet in Super Bowl LV, and Tom Brady, the oldest, has words of praise for his counterpart, young Pat Mahomes.

“I think he only got better when he was MVP. Last year he came back, got off to a fantastic start, faced some injuries but got back on his feet and went on to win the Super Bowl. They are great achievements ”.

Brady assured that Mahomes “He will continue to improve” and said that “he has great maturity, he’s a great leader, he has great charisma.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said that Mahomes “has great opportunities, great skills,” but because he is a young player, he advised him that “you want to be surrounded by people who help you grow who make you be a better person and all those things. it is up to him to make and decide them. I admire him, he’s a great player, a great leader, he seems to play better when his team needs him the most and I’m very impressed.