NFL: Rodgers trains with Packers; his future remains uncertain

July 29, 2021

After a turbulent hiatus between seasons, filled with uncertainty, Aaron Rodgers returned to practice, eager to lead the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl, after failing to do so for the past two years.

In contrast, no one makes promises about the future of the attacking player 37 years beyond 2021. The reigning MVP participated in the first practice camp on Wednesday with the Packers.

Then, at the press conference, he made it clear that some of the issues that led to him being absent from team activities and mandatory minicamp remain unresolved.

Do you hope to be back with the Packers next season?

“I really don’t know,” Rodgers said. “I think I’m just going to focus on this year. There are a lot of pieces moving apart from me, some players have contracts that are ending, so there will be a lot of tough decisions at the end of the year. I’m just going to enjoy the year and then I’ll have it again. conversation at the end of the season. “

The general manager of the Packers Brian Good art offered a similar answer. As he attacking player What Gutenkust they described their relationship as “professional.” “Right now, we are really focused on 2021,” the manager told reporters. “It’s like a year-to-year issue, as you know.”

On the issues that led to his frustration, Rodgers gave a six-minute reply. The three-time NFL MVP wants to have a voice in the decision-making process and believes the organization did not treat the departure of some well-known veterans with enough respect – more than a dozen former Packers players mentioned, including Charles. Woodson, Jordy Nelson and Julius Pepper.

He also hopes that Packers get engaged beyond this season and can help you by recruiting free agents. Rodgers He indicated that he did not receive the responses he wanted from the organization, which only offered him more money.

“I feel like if you can’t commit further2021, and if I’m not part of your free agency recruiting process, if I’m not part of the future, instead of letting him be a quarterback in his senior year and without a voice, I want to make a change and take a step. go ahead. So go ahead and do this, “Rodgers said.

The QB emphasized that he was not asking to have the last word on personnel, he just wants to know. The Packers know what’s at stake this season because their most notable players have an uncertain future.

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