Marcus Maye doesn’t want to be traded, says the New York Jets ‘know I want to be here’

October 21, 2021

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Despite a recent tweet from his agent suggesting he’s open to a trade, New York Jets safety Marcus Maye said Thursday that he wants to stay with the team, a sentiment he shared with Jets officials.

“They know I want to be here,” Maye said. “They know that I am 100% with my boys.”

The NFL’s negotiation deadline is November 2, and Maye’s name is floating around the rumor mill. The Jets (1-4) are about to be out of contention and there are questions about whether they want to sign him to a long-term contract extension. Maye, 28, plays for a $ 10.6 million franchise tag.

A few days after an ankle injury in Week 3, Maye’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, tweeted it would be a three to four week injury, adding that Maye would be healthy by the trade deadline. That fueled speculation.

Maye, speaking to reporters for the first time since, said she has no control over what your agent tweets, adding that it was just an injury update.

He said he has not requested, and will not request, an exchange. He wants to stay with the Jets, the team that drafted him in the second round in 2017.

“Yes, of course I’m here,” said Maye, who wanted a contract last season that would have made him one of the highest-paid safeties in the league. “Every time I am in this building, I am 100%. Every time I am in the field, I am 100%. I will be with my guys no matter what.”

Maye, who has missed two games through injury, is set to return to the lineup Sunday against the New England Patriots (2-4) at Gillette Stadium.

His long-term future could be affected by pending DUI charges, stemming from an arrest on February 22 in Broward County, Florida. In defiance of league rules, Maye did not report the incident to the Jets. They didn’t find out until October 4, when ESPN first reported it.

When asked if the arrest came as a surprise to coach Robert Saleh, Maye said: “Everyone was, but we talked and moved on.”

Maye said she is “not allowed” to comment on the case. He also declined to comment on why he kept it from the organization for seven months, which could influence whether he is disciplined by the NFL. The league office is reviewing the matter and may decide to suspend it. Maye doesn’t think she has fractured her relationship with the organization.

“They know me,” he said. “Once I’m in the building, I leave. I don’t think there’s a trust issue on my part and things like that. They know I’m 100% with these guys every time I go into the field and walk into the building.”

Saleh said the organization supports Maye, who started a meeting with her coach because it was “what an adult should do, just acknowledge my situation.” That, of course, was after the media reported it. Maye was charged with three misdemeanors: driving under the influence, DUI / personal and property damage, and leaving the scene of an accident. There were no injuries, but he is being sued by a woman who alleges Maye slammed into her car and caused damage to the vehicle.

Maye said she’s sorry.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” he said. “The situation happened. I definitely feel sorry for her. I learned from her … You have to move on.”