2022 NFL Draft: Six Questions for Teams with Five Top-Five Picks, Including the Lions, Jets, Eagles and Giants

October 26, 2021

We are just seven weeks away from the 2021 NFL season, with the 2022 draft half a year away. There are at least 10 games left for each team, and we won’t know the draft order or what this next class of prospects will really look like for quite some time. weather. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the draft, and that’s especially true for teams that are in a position to land an early pick on Day 1.

Using our ESPN Football Power Index (FPI), we identified six teams with at least a 30% chance of having a top-five pick next April: the Lions, Jets, Texans, Jaguars, Eagles and Giants. Four of those teams will also have multiple first-round picks. We then asked our NFL Nation reporters a key question at this point in the draft process, as those six franchises watch over the future.

What teams could be looking at a quarterback? What teams have needs in the entire squad? And which GM have big decisions to make in the coming months? Let’s jump in, starting with a key question for Detroit.

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FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 29.4%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 87.7%
Projected eraser slots: Nos. 1 and 29

Has the Lions organization seen enough of Jared Goff to definitely become a QB in the first round next April?

No. That is certainly not the case. Goff has had his troubles this year, but Lions coach Dan Campbell still feels like he hasn’t been able to fully assess Goff with so many missing pieces around him, including offensive tackle Taylor Decker, center Frank Ragnow and receivers. Quintez Cephus and Tyrell Williams. , among others. However, that doesn’t excuse a season that Goff describes as “bumpy and bumpy.”

Plus, this year’s quarterback class isn’t quite as encouraging as last year’s group, without many immediate game changes, so Goff could be the Lions’ man for at least another season. Detroit could decide to go with a leading running back with an early pick and then possibly draft a catcher later in the first round (the Lions have the Rams first round, too) to continue equipping Goff with some better weapons. – Eric Woodyard

FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 26.3%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 85.8%
Projected eraser slots: Nos. 2 and 12

The Jets have used their five first- and second-round picks over the past two years on offense. Will GM Joe Douglas continue to build on that side of the ball, or is it time to focus on defense?

Douglas has a defensive-minded coach, Robert Saleh, so he could be a clue for next April. The Jets have urgent needs in the last seven, especially as a linebacker. The cornerback could also be a priority, depending on how rookies Brandin Echols and Michael Carter II perform the rest of the season, and LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr. could be too good to pass up there.

Security could be on the list as well, assuming Marcus Maye doesn’t re-sign. And finally, the Jets already have a lot of money invested on the defensive line, with Carl Lawson and John Franklin-Myers, but Saleh and Douglas love, love, love to build in the trenches. – Rich cimini

FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 24.5%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 85.8%
Projected Draft Space: Number 3

Do you see Houston as a quarterback at the top of the draft, or are the Texans more likely to be the best prospect available?

A lot depends on what happens before the draft with quarterback Deshaun Watson or any quarterback who may return to the Texans in a trade. But if the situation for Houston’s quarterback remains the same this offseason, and there is no quarterback who stands out at the top of the draft, it seems likely that the Texans will select the best available player instead.

Houston has had only one first-round pick since 2018 and has holes everywhere on the roster. Even if the Texans have the No. 1 pick in April, the team is not a quarterback away from winning a Super Bowl. This rebuilding in Houston will take some time, so it makes sense for general manager Nick Caserio to pick the best talent on the board rather than rush to grab a quarterback. – Sarah Barshop



Adam Schefter details the latest on the possibility of Deshaun Watson being traded to the Dolphins as early as this week.

FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 12.9%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 72.4%
Projected Draft Space: No. 4

How can the Jaguars continue to build around QB Trevor Lawrence with their first-round pick next April? What positions might need the biggest impulses?

Pick a position on offense. With the possible exception of the running back (they have James Robinson and Travis Etienne Jr. there), the Jaguars need improvement everywhere.

They need a receiver who makes plays (and fast) to complement Marvin Jones Jr. and Laviska Shenault Jr. They’ve practically ignored the tight end until they traded for Dan Arnold, but he’s not the long-term answer. And they may have to replace three starting offensive linemen, including left tackle Cam Robinson.

The offense is averaging 19.3 points per game and hasn’t scored more than 23 points in any game so far this season. Furthermore, the offense lacks explosive plays; the Jaguars have only eight runs of 20 or more yards or receptions of 30 or more yards. – Michael DiRocco

FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 2.9%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 38.6%
Projected eraser slots: Nos. 5, 10 and 17 *

If the Eagles end up with the Indianapolis Colts pick and have three first-round players, would they be better off using all three to build the roster, or using that draft capital to land a QB?

That largely depends on your assessment of Jalen Hurts, who has been inconsistent for seven games this season. Coach Nick Sirianni has listed precision and decision making as two of the top things he looks for in a quarterback. Hurts will likely have to show improvement in those areas between now and the end of the season for Sirianni to be convinced that Hurts is the boy.

It’s rare to have so many first-round picks, and nothing is more important than getting the QB position right, so if the Eagles can use those picks to find a long-term solution at the position they think would be a significant improvement with Regarding it hurts, they should. – Tim mcmanus

* If Carson Wentz plays at least 75% of the Colts’ offensive plays this season, or the Colts make the playoffs and Wentz plays at least 70% of the plays, the first round of Indianapolis in 2022 will be for Philadelphia.

FPI Chances to Pick No. 1 Overall: 1.4%
Chances of the FPI of being chosen in the top five: 30.2%
Projected eraser slots: Nos. 6 and 9

What’s more likely to happen for the Giants: QB Daniel Jones plays well down the stretch, the team picks his option and builds around him with two first-round picks, or the team is in the quarterback market. of 2022, even if Jones is on the list?

Jones has already played well this season, even if his numbers aren’t flashy. With competition lightened and their supporting cast improving (some of the injured players will return to the field), it seems likely that the Giants ‘and Jones’ offense will only get better in the second half of this season.

The Giants are also more convinced of Jones than outsiders want to believe, especially with another low-cost year on his rookie contract in the offing. All of this makes the Giants unlikely to be in the 2022 QB market. – Jordan raanan