Upgraded Cincinnati Bengals regularly draw big bets in Las Vegas

October 28, 2021

The Cincinnati Bengals are upping the odds, regularly drawing half a million dollar bets in Las Vegas and causing punters to hang up point spreads that hadn’t been seen since the early 1980s.

The Bengals started the season with the lowest odds to win the Super Bowl, down to 200-1. Only the Houston Texans had a worse odds than the Bengals in most books. At some bookmakers, the Texans attracted more Super Bowl bets than the Bengals in the preseason.

Two months later, Cincinnati is off to a 5-2 start, first in the AFC North and has climbed to the top half of the Super Bowl odds. The Bengals were 35-1 to win the Super Bowl this week at Caesars Sportsbook. In DraftKings, 1% of the money wagered on your Super Bowl odds is in Cincinnati.

“They weren’t popular at all,” said Craig Mucklow, vice president of business for Caesars Sportsbook, of betting interest in the Bengals. “They have gone completely unnoticed.”

A high roller in Nevada, however, has had his eyes on the Bengals since the opening game. According to Mucklow, a high-level bettor has backed Cincinnati with seven big bets this season, ranging from a $ 200,000 bet on the Bengals +3.5 against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 to a $ 520,000 bet placed this week on the Bengals -9.5 on the highway. against the New York Jets. The bettor has won $ 795,000 on his Bengals bets with Caesars.

“We pay attention when he bets,” Muckow said of the unidentified customer. “I really respect him when he comes into the Bengals. He obviously knows that team very well. Interestingly, he actually backed the Ravens last week against the Bengals. Fortunately, he was wrong for once. But he’s back with the Bengals this week. . “

In the preseason, when the sportsbooks posted early lines, the Bengals were listed as favorites by 1 point over the Jets. Last week, the line was at Cincinnati -3.5, but after the Bengals’ impressive win over the Baltimore Ravens and Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson was lost with a knee injury, the line it grew to -9.5 and finally to -10.5.

The Bengals haven’t been double-digit road favorites since Week 17 of the strike-shortened 1982 season. Cincinnati has been a double-digit favorite in all games just once in the past five years (vs. the Colts, Week 17 of the 2017 season).

Despite their initial success, six teams have a better chance of winning the AFC than Cincinnati. The Bengals, at +300, remain the third-largest choice in the AFC North odds on the Caesars Sportsbook, behind the Ravens (-115) and the Cleveland Browns (+300). Cincinnati was 30-1 to win the division in the offseason. PointsBet said the Bengals have attracted the most bets and the most money wagered on their AFC North odds of either team “by a pretty wide margin.”

“They crush us with them in the AFC North group,” said John Murray, executive director of the SuperBook. “Too many 30-1 bets there.”

Big bets on the Bengals: [An unidentified customer has placed big bets on the Bengals with Caesars Sportsbook in six of the first eight weeks this season].

Week 1: $ 200,000 Bengals +3.5 vs Minnesota Vikings (Win)

Week 2: $ 300,000 at Bengals +3 (-120) at Chicago Bears (Push)

Week 3: $ 300,000 at Bengals +3.5 at Pittsburgh Steelers (Victoria)

Week 5: $ 500,000 Bengals +3 (+100) vs. Green Bay Packers (Push)

Week 5: $ 205,000 on the Bengals money line +150 Packers (Loss)

Week 6: $ 500,000 at Bengals -3 vs. Detroit Lions (Win)

Week 8: $ 520,000 Bengals -9.5 vs. New York Jets (TBD)