Dalvin Cook, the shame of the NFL: from being unfaithful to your partner after an abortion to being denounced for abuse

November 13, 2021

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The NFL He has spoken again and again for a case of violence. This time it has not had to do with racial issues, if not with the scandal that one of the stars of the competition has starred in. Is about Dalvin Cook, one of the great stars of the Minnesota Vikings, who has been singled out after his partner’s complaints.

The runningback of the Minnesota team has been accused by his partner of physically assaulting him after having been in a relationship for the past three years. The one who until now has been his girlfriend, Gracelyn Trimble, says that Dalvin attacked him repeatedly and that is why she was forced to denounce him.

In fact, in the repeated accusations that now weigh against the Minnesota Vikings player, Gracelyn contributed several photos where the repeated injuries that this supposedly would have caused him were appreciated. But these were not the only tests Trimble intended to test his words with.

Among the complaints filed against the Minnesota franchise player, Gracelyn also adds several telephone conversations in which Dalvin appears begging for his forgiveness after having repeatedly hit him. In this way, Cook’s ex-partner points out that if there are requests for forgiveness it is because there have been previous aggressions and in this way he proves the accusations against him.

Dalvin Cook in a warm-up with the Minnesota Vikings


Dalvin’s case is one more that joins the long list of complaints and accusations that weigh against players of the American football league that should be studied immediately by the competition management. The occasions in which NFL players have been splashed by some type of similar incident are very repeated, almost always related to violence, but also touched by sexual overtones and sometimes racist.

The origin of the conflict

The conflict between Dalvin and Gracelyn has an important story behind it that makes the performance of the Minnesota Vikings star even more cruel. Their relationship began to go awry shortly after she became pregnant with Cook. When everything seemed to be going from strength to strength, disaster struck.

Gracelyn suffered a miscarriage that, logically, forced her to spend time in the hospital. It was just during that period when Dalvin took the opportunity to be unfaithful with another woman and start a parallel relationship that, on the other hand, had its days numbered. The deception did not last long, as Trimble found out what happened while still in the hospital.

This put the player on the ropes and the relationship between them was broken, since Cook’s behavior could not have been more vile. While his partner was recovering battered in the hospital from the loss of their son in common, the Vikings player was hanging out with his lover.

Despite the fact that the relationship seemed to be mortally wounded, it was ultimately not like that as Gracelyn agreed to forgive the NFL icon and start her history with him from scratch. She, who was a veteran of the United States Army, took patience to redirect her thoughts until the scandal for sexist violence between them broke out.

Dalvin Cook in a game with the Minnesota Vikings

Dalvin Cook in a game with the Minnesota Vikings


After having obtained his pardon, Cook would have assaulted his partner on several occasions before ending a relationship that has been most stormy almost since its inception. A union that has lasted just over three years and ended in the worst possible way.

The year 2020 was the key to everything, since that was when they decided to separate and, a few months later, re-enter a relationship. However, the calm did not last long, as those accusations of alleged mistreatment against Cook appeared and everything exploded again into the air.

Cook’s defense

The case, which is going on for a long time, does not end with Gracelyn Trimble’s complaint about her ex-partner, since the defense of the NFL player, with his team of lawyers at the head, has proposed to delay the contest beyond what no one would be suspicious, which has had a devastating effect on the Vikings star’s partner.

The first of the tricks was to use Gracelyn’s abortion to her advantage, claiming that this sad circumstance had caused a certain mental weakness in the applicant that had degenerated into an imbalance. A very hard loss that he had not been able to overcome and for which he blamed Cook in a fit of madness.

In fact, the accusations in this case are so serious that there is even talk of a certain personality disorder on her part. The definition that Dalvin’s defense has wanted to give is that Gracelyn mutated into an emotionally abusive and physically aggressive person. In this way, they want to turn the case around, being they, not only those who deny the facts, but also those who accuse and point to Gracelyn herself.

Dalvin Cook celebrates a good deed in a match

Dalvin Cook celebrates a good deed in a match


The team that defends the Vikings player goes further and points out that, being already separated, Trimble broke into Cook’s house on one occasion armed and threatening him, so he had no choice but to act with force to reduce his threatening . The battle between the two parties, accusations through, continues and seems to go on for a long time.

The last of the steps taken in the case has been the accusation by Cook’s defense of an attempt at extortion towards his ex-partner’s environment. In addition, they are convinced that they will be able to dismantle these accusations of alleged abuse and that finally the truth will come out and they will smile at them.

Another case in the NFL

The trend that the investigations have led to suggest that Dalvin Cook would have a very difficult time coming out of the case unscathed. This would suppose a new scandal that would stain the NFL, a competition that in recent years is getting used to being a protagonist around the world because more and more dark and violence-related cases transcend.

For now, in Cook’s case, everything is still stopped and the player continues to enjoy his presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, so he has not been prohibited from playing the next matches with his team. It will be the resolution of the case that marks the availability of the player in the next few dates, although many desperately ask that the NFL get to work to try to reduce the share of scandals related to violence, whether street or domestic, that have starred some of its players.

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