Denver Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater

November 16, 2021

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has participated in many team meetings in his eight-year career and has had many of his mistakes or turnovers for his teammates to see.

But Bridgewater said Monday that the Broncos’ latest filming session, which included their lack of an attempt to tackle Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay on an 83-yard fumble return for a touchdown, was the longest. difficult to pass.

“It definitely was, especially when you slow down,” Bridgewater said. “In real time it’s like everything happens fast, you have the sideline in your favor … and then when you slow down with the clicker in your hand, it’s like a man, this is bad. … I hope they don’t come back to me. to put myself in that situation never again, and if I am sure I will risk everything. ”

The Broncos had a lot of trouble to discuss after Sunday’s 30-13 loss, but Bridgewater’s game had become a social media high point in the hours after the loss, reducing the Broncos to 5- 5 as you enter your bye week.

At fourth and 1 from the Eagles’ 23-yard line on the final play of the third quarter with Philadelphia leading 20-13, Broncos running back Melvin Gordon crashed into the pile for what appeared to be a first down for the slimmest of the margins. However, Eagles linebacker Davion Taylor got the ball out and Slay picked it up at the Eagles’ 17-yard line.

After Slay initially moved the ball, he picked it up a second time and circled to the Eagles’ 11-yard line. Slay then spun around and started toward the left sideline as Broncos tight end Eric Saubert couldn’t stop Slay to take him down at about the Eagles’ 28-yard line.

When Slay passed the Eagles’ 40-yard line with Gordon in pursuit, Bridgewater was standing on the Eagles’ 42-yard line between Slay and the Eagles’ sideline. Slay sped past Bridgewater, who made no tackle attempt.

“I’m right there, the opportunity to just jump in, sacrifice myself, do whatever I can to help the team, and at that point I failed,” Bridgewater said. “I admit it. … That’s one of those moments where I have to acknowledge the fact that I didn’t give everything I had in me on that play.

Defensive end Shelby Harris was also asked what he and his teammates thought after watching the play at the meeting.

“I’m with my quarterback and I’m going to ride with him,” Harris said.

On behalf of Vic Fangio, the Broncos coach said, “I’d like to see us all go after him a little bit better offensively and find a way to take that guy down. Where Teddy got involved … I’d like to see Teddy.” make a play on the boy. ”

Fangio was also asked about ESPN NFL analyst Rex Ryan, who was on the Baltimore Ravens staff with Fangio for three seasons, and offered on the air Monday morning that Bridgewater should have been benched afterward. of the play.

“I respect Rex and his opinion, but I don’t agree with him at this point,” Fangio said.

Fangio also said backup Drew Lock will not replace Bridgewater after the break and that “Teddy is our quarterback.”

“We saw it [Monday] As a team, the coach pointed out that hey, my effort had to be better there, and I totally agree, ” Bridgewater said. “That’s not, you know, the kind of tape I want to put out. It’s one of those situations where you get mad after watching it because you know how much this game means to you, you know the guys are trying to make a play and. .. when you slow down, it’s like I’m a man, it just takes more effort … I just needed to expose everything … I’m not going to sink in my chair or feel bad the coach called me, I take care of everything ”