The secret of Alves, Valverde, Federer and other old rockers to delay the withdrawal

November 21, 2021


Experts in sports medicine and psychology affirm that to remain active at 40 years of age, a great “motivational base and adequate training” are required.

Alves, on Wednesday, during his presentation at the Camp Nou.AFP
  • Federer, in the 40s The autumn of a great seducer
  • Dani Alves “When it comes to doing great things, good people always come together”

Do not stop the Music. The old rockers stretch their gum to the amazement of an audience that is beginning to understand that there is not only life after 40, but also a remarkable performance in the elite. Retirement delayed in cutbacks time. Dani Alves, who at 38 years old defines himself as a “competitive animal”, this week he signed a contract with Barcelona because he intends to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar. The full-back does not give up on the calendar and the push of the kids. ” I was not born to be second. I come to fight for a position, “he warned last Wednesday at the presentation of his new stage in Barcelona.

David López Capapé, a former athlete and specialist in arthroscopy and sports pathology, assures that the activity of the 40-year-olds at the high level will be increasingly common: “In recent years we have advanced a lot in longevity thanks to the care that athletes have taken with food, breaks, physiotherapy and medicine. ” For the doctor, not having suffered major injuries is key.

This assertion is certified Roger Federer (40 years old), forced to alter his roadmap after chaining three surgeries on his right knee. The Swiss tennis player has been inactive since last July at Wimbledon. ” I won’t be able to run until January or train until March or April. I would be very surprised if I can play at Wimbledon, “he said this week in Geneva Tribune. “I know the end is near, but I would like to play at least a couple of important games again,” he stressed.

“They love what they do very much”

David peris, an expert sports psychologist in coaching and high performance, affirms that the main thing is ” to have a good motivational base, to pose new challenges every day. Try to give the maximum. ” The athlete knows a lot about that Jesus Garcia Bragado (52), tireless longevity record holder, who retired this summer after participating in eight Olympic Games and 13 World Games, and Tom Brady (44), American football star, who in 2020 signed a two-year contract with the Buccaneers. The quarterback He has been in the elite for more than two decades, voted MVP five times.

López Capapé says that, in addition to a mental component, there is an economic interest: ” Why am I going to retire, if I feel good, I like what I do and I get a high income? They wonder with reason. “The doctor emphasizes that these gifted physicists treasure a great mental strength: “They love what they do very much and that gives them energy to continue. Now, people in their 40s, if they have not suffered a serious injury, are much more active than they were before. The decline in faculties is slow. At that age You cannot be a champion of the 100 meters or the Tour, but you can maintain a good level. “

Brady, last week, at the FedExField in Tampa.
Brady, last week, at the FedExField in Tampa.AFP

Capapé emphasizes that, in some cases, the stoppage of the pandemic has served to delay retirement. And in that chapter stands out Alexander valverde (41), who in the last three years has threatened to withdraw, but has always found a justification to continue, the last one was that he would like to say goodbye with the public on the roads. In 2022 he will close his career: “I will face this year with the peace of mind that it will be that of the farewell. I will run competitively.” On the calendar El Bala The Vuelta a España, the Giro d’Italia, the Liege-Bastoña-Liege, the Flecha Walloon and a large part of the events on the Spanish calendar stand out.

They must also understand that when they are not at the required level they have to move away

David Peris, sports psychologist.

Peris points out that athletes have learned to properly manage their time and benefits. “ Some, when they reach 35, train less because they think about leaving, but what others do is adapt the training to their own physique to continue competing until they feel good. Now i think about Raul Albiol, the central Villarreal, who continues to top. Another case that comes to mind is Joan Creus, former base of Barcelona and Manresa, who, when he was 43 years old, said that he did not train less, but more and differently, with quality sessions. But they must also understand that when they are not at the required level they have to step aside. The main thing about these long-lived athletes is that they like what they do.

And in love for their work, few like Joaquin Sanchez (40), the emblematic Betis winger, who will remain in the First Division until the end of this season. Then he will work in the media; He has already agreed to present a television program. “I want to be competitive, but what I do is train a lot. It is difficult to find the right moment to retire from a profession that you have lived from since you were little. People tell me that I have to retire when I am up, but it makes you want to continue. Making the decision to say goodbye is very complicated, because I still have the illusion, I continue to enjoy. But everything is complicated when this year you enjoy fewer minutes. When you train too well, you play little, “he said this week in the program of Pablo Motos on Antenna 3.

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