OJ Simpson, a “completely free” man: a movie life between the NFL and jail

December 16, 2021

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OJ Simpson He is, at 74, a “completely free man.” The news has been confirmed after a hearing took place on November 30 to study the situation of what is considered a legend of the NFL, the great league of american football.

Television KTNV from Las Vegas was in charge of confirming the news. After the aforementioned view, the Nevada State Police Probation Division and the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners they agreed to reduce the period of probation imposed on OJ Simpson. Order that was issued on the 6th of this month of December.

The member of the NFL Hall of Fame was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2008. He received the sentence after attacking and kidnapping two sellers of antiques and sporting goods from a hotel room in Las Vegas (United States). Some events that took place in 2007.

NFL legend OJ Simpson during a trial


With up to 12 charges on his back (kidnapping and robbery among others), the former football player sat down in court again in 2017 to appear at the trial to be granted provisional freedom. Nine years had passed since his imprisonment. Far from the 33 with whom they punished him, he got out of jail.

At 70, OJ Simpson managed to say “thank you” when the sentence for which he was released was read, although with conditions. And all because he had no previous criminal convictions and for having shown good behavior during his stay in prison.

Now, that provisional freedom becomes complete freedom. “A completely free man.” Four words that have crossed all kinds of borders in the last hours. And it is that the life of OJ Simpson has been followed by millions of people throughout the planet. His case has even been brought to the small screen. Although not because of this sentence for which he is now free, but because of another previous trial of which he was declared “not guilty.”

Double star

Orenthan James Simpson was born in San Francisco (California, United States) on July 9, 1947. Already in his student days he stood out as an American football player and that is how he won a sports scholarship with the Southern California Trojans. His good performance made him enter the lists of all franchises and they were the Buffalo Bills those who managed to get their services in the Draft de 1969.

Although he also played in the San Francisco 49ersIt was in the Buffalo Bills on the team where he managed to put his name in the Olympus of this sport. Upon his retirement, he was ranked as the second-most yardage runner, a total of 19,236, to currently occupy the seventeenth position of all time. He came to dispute six Pro Bowls and was named after the MVP of the NFL in 1973. As if that weren’t enough, he was inducted into the league’s Hall of Fame in 1985.

Among Simpson’s specialties was not only American football, but even before retiring he already focused on his role as an actor, becoming part of the cast of the unforgettable film The burning colossus. He also made his first steps as a commentator for NFL games or on shows like Saturday Night Live.

The judgment of the century

He had the life of a star. Legend of American football and with the charisma necessary to put everyone in the pocket in the world of entertainment. But everything was cut short when on June 12, 1994 his ex-wife Nicole Brown and a friend of this, Ronald Goldman, were found dead. Both were stabbed to death and suspicions focused on the figure of OJ Simpson.

Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the two people killed by OJ Simpson

Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the two people killed by OJ Simpson


The ‘Judgment of the Century’. This is how the process by which the former NFL player stood before the judge and jury to prove his innocence for the double murder is known. In cold blood, that’s how they said Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman had been killed. And all the evidence pointed against him.

In his house there was a golf glove stained with the victims’ blood, the pair of which was next to the two bodies. Simpson himself had a deep wound on his hand that he had not been able to explain how it had been done and his car had traces of blood.

This was only the beginning. At the crime scene, you could see very clearly the imprint of a shoe from the Italian brand Bruno Magli, size 12. The same ones used by OJ. All these indications could be presumed that it would end with the guilty sentence, but the lawyers played the racism card … and they won.

OJ Simpson, during a trial

OJ Simpson, during a trial


OJ Simpson surrounded himself with the best lawyers of the time. Among them the father of kardashian sisters. And these did their job. They caused the jury to forget the obviousness of the evidence, as well as a video in which the former player could be seen fleeing the crime scene. From there to organize a jury of eight black people out of twelve to put racism as the basis of their defense.

Also, Simpson stopped taking a few anti-inflammatory drugs, by order of his lawyers, to gain weight so that the golf gloves of the same size and brand that were found next to the corpses would not be worth him. Furthermore, it could not be proved that he had bought the famous Bruno Magli shoes either. They could only confirm that OJ had been taking an interest in these exclusive shoes of which only 299 pairs were made. The former player was acquitted, although in a civil suit he had to pay $ 33.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages to the family of Ronald Goldman.

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