The NFL, to conquer Europe: the mega project of American football that arrives with force in Spain

December 17, 2021

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Can you imagine being able to see Tom Brady, a Rob Gronkowski oh Justin Fields in Europe? What until recently seemed like an impossible dream for football lovers, becomes a reality after the news that has revolutionized the world of sports. The NFL becomes more international than ever with the project that will take 18 of its teams to different parts of the planet.

Eight different countries will be the new home of the NFL teams. And between them, Spain He is one of the chosen ones. In the case of our country, the franchises that will have a strategic enclave in Spanish territory are the Miami Dolphins, from Florida, and the Chicago Bears, from Illinois.

Spain is one of the three chosen countries in Europe. The others are United Kingdom Y Germany. It is precisely the Germanic nation in which the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers de Tom Brady y Rob Gronkowski. China, Representing Asia; Australia, for Oceania; Y Canada, Mexico Y Brazil for America complete the list. This is the map:

The news came under the umbrella of the International Committee: 18 NFL franchises have been granted access to 26 International Marketing Areas in those eight countries mentioned above. Christopher Halpin, Executive Vice President and Director of Strategy and Growth for the NFL, noted that “the NFL fan base begins with our clubs.”

“This important initiative enables NFL teams to develop meaningful and direct relationships with NFL fans abroad, fueling the growth and enthusiasm of fans globally. We are very pleased with the number, creativity and level of engagement of club proposals across the board in this initial application period and we expect teams to launch their initiatives early next year, “added Halpin.

The project

At this point, the question that may be on the heads of the fans is: What does this project consist of? Well, yes, you can see the NFL teams that have been framed in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom playing in European territory, but the business goes much further.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski celebrate a Tampa Bay Buccaneers touchdown in the 2021/2022 NFL


The clubs will have access to the international territories that have been assigned to them to carry out marketing, commercialization and connection activities with the fans. The objective is to lay the foundations to build brands at a global level and also to gain a greater number of followers far from the borders of U.S.

For the moment, the agreement will be extended for the next five years, thus allowing franchises to start their commercial activities in ‘their’ respective countries from January 1, 2022. The new era is here.

Bears y Dolphins

Both the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins have reacted positively to the possibilities open to them in the Spanish market. George H. McCaskey, president of the Bears, has stated that the “award of Spain as a local marketing area by the NFL is an honor” for them.

“Bears has one of the largest fan bases for an NFL team in Spain, a country with one of the most enthusiastic sports cultures on the planet. We are excited to deepen our connection with our fans there and contribute to the growth of American football. McCaskey added.

For their part, the Miami Dolphins also celebrated their award to Spain. “We are excited that the NFL has created this global initiative that connects its franchises to global fans. Miami Dolphins has an internationally recognized brand, with passionate fans in Spain,” he said. Tom Garfinkel, president and CEO of the Florida franchise.

Spain thus becomes a world enclave for the NFL. At the moment, there are 18 clubs that have already been awarded a country far from the United States to expand their brand, but according to the agreement that has been reached, it is stipulated that the 32 teams can play at least one international match throughout the eight next years.

The Santiago Bernabéu

Once Spain has been chosen, the next point is where that long-awaited NFL game would be played. And of all the possibilities, the candidate number one is the stage of the Real Madrid, the Santiago Bernabeu. It is the field that has the best reviews in the United States, especially because of the monumental renovation that is taking place.

The New Santiago Bernabéu will be one of the leading stadiums in the world, in which one of the key points of its remodeling works was to be able to host large events of different kinds. From concerts to basketball games or, also, the NFL. That was the plan and that is what will most likely happen.

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