Canarian Olympic medalist Ray Zapata says he does not make ends meet

December 18, 2021

Spanish gymnast Ray Zapata said that the year that is ending has been “incredible” for the birth of his daughter and the silver medal won in the Tokyo Olympics although he assured that now is “fighting for a contract to buy a flat and have a roof” make it yours.

Zapata, 28, He is one of the great Spanish gymnasts. This 2021 has been excellent for him, both personally and professionally. “It has been an incredible year for my girl, a new element, the medal. What more could you want? I am fighting for a contract to buy an apartment for my daughter and have a roof that is ours. Without that we cannot, it is bad luck, but I think it will come soon “, said Zapata, who would be worth” any type of contract from the Spanish Olympic Committee or whoever it is. “

“Gymnastics is not valued as it should”

Ray Zapata, gymnast

“The one that reaches me will be good in terms of having solvency for the banks. I have a scholarship from the ADO Plan, but if you realize with the taxes that you have to pay today Today in Madrid that does not reach you to buy a house. I have a little girl, she wants to eat and you have to pay for the electricity. And it doesn’t come, “he confessed.

Ray Zapata, who attended the annual COE Gala, opined that “gymnastics is not valued as it should”. “There was a period of time when not much could be sold but now we are in a very good time. The team qualified for the Games and there is the individual medal. Gymnastics has risen in every way, both male and female” , he stated.

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More support

“There should be more support for that part. I don’t understand why when there are many ‘influencers’ out there, which I’m not saying is bad, but I think we work harder than them to be where we are. Gymnastics is only seen every four years. I try to be a pioneer and to show and talk about gymnastics as much as possible. I am achieving it and it would be ideal if this cycle continued to be talked about and that it be promoted more because we give a lot of play when doing anything “, he concluded.