Hazard and Peter, Real Madrid’s solutions to Covid

December 18, 2021

The whites have seven infected by the virus and Ancelotti will have to rebuild the eleven. The Belgian will start and the young winger from Colonia Marconi makes his debut in a first team call-up.

The calendar had reserved for this December 19 the arrival at Bernabeu of ‘yellow fever’, a peculiar disease whose symptoms are the contagion of the unshakable faith of that fondness immune to the discouragement of the results and the joke of such a singular swelling.

However, they have wanted the circumstances that before the view of the Cádiz a Chamartín the Real Madrid suffered the virulence of the outbreak of Onion, the new variant of the Covid, which has left out of the game Modric, Marcelo, Asensio, Rodrygo, Bale, the goalkeeper Lunin, and the coach’s assistant and son, Davide Ancelotti. Something that Carletto He could have used it as an alibi, but which he has once again resolved with his usual common sense: “I think football and society have to continue living with this virus. We have to continue, but we have to take care of ourselves ”.

A setback that, in reality, does not structurally affect the plans of Ancelotti for the party, since it only suffers the casualties of two starters such as Modric in the middle and far right of the trident, by falling infected both Asensio What Rodrygo. This setback will unexpectedly provide an opportunity for Hazard enter the eleven holder after months of absence. His bad luck with injuries, added to the innate reluctance he shows in training have made him an invisible footballer for his coach, who has not shown any complicity with the Belgian.

Raúl’s diamond

On the contrary, a footballer also appears in the call who symbolizes the opposite. Peter Federico Carmona González, a product of Colonia Marconi, one of the most humble neighborhoods in Madrid. The same one from which one of the greatest myths of Madridismo emerged: Raúl González Blanco. Precisely the one in charge now of carving the diamonds of the white quarry on the bench of the Castile. Peter is a shy boy off the field who transforms by stepping on the grass and catching the ball. A cheeky winger who likes to face on foot changed looking for the diagonal towards the goal. His afro mane and his flow from freestyler will not be overlooked for Real Madrid.

In addition, Ancelotti has other good news with the return to a call-up of Dani Ceballos, who arrived injured from Tokyo with the silver medal around his neck and can now enlist in the army of Carletto for the second part of the season.

Opposite appears a Cádiz located in relegation places, needed to score points to get closer to a save that marks Elche Y Alaves with two more points. Those of Cervera They have lost the defensive credibility they treasured in past seasons and have ceased to be a tough nut to crack to become a team with little goal and a disturbing ability to disconnect from games.

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Ten consecutive victories adds up to Real Madrid, a streak that has installed him indisputably in the leadership of LaLiga. However the Cádiz, who has collected eight of his 13 points away from home, already surprised him last season by winning (0-1) at Real Madrid on his visit, then, at Alfredo di Stéfano. The cadistas intend to take advantage of the epidemiological setbacks of the whites to achieve another historic victory. It would be the best gift from Kings for Cádiz in these white Christmases that are coming.