The Guerreras lose the battle for bronze against Denmark in the handball World Cup

December 19, 2021

  • The Scandinavian team does not give a choice to the Spanish, who confirm with the fourth place their status at the world level in full generational change

  • Norway, who lost by six against France in the final, signs a brutal comeback to win their fourth title (22-29)

The Warriors they have run out of podium. The Spanish selection has lost this Sunday the battle for bronze in the Handball World Cup against a Denmark that has not given a choice (35-28). Selection of José Ignacio Prades says goodbye without a medal to his World Cup, but with a very commendable semifinals for a team under reconstruction, from the bench itself. Norway, who lost by six to France in the final, he ended up overwhelming and winning his fourth title (22-29).

After the silver achieved in the 2019 World Cup, in Japan, the fourth place achieved in this edition may seem like a step backwards. Closing the tournament, until Friday immaculate for the Guerreras, with two defeats has been a disappointment for the national team and for the fans gathered in the Granollers Sports Palace, but this ‘chocolate medal’ should read like the consolidation of the selection among the elite even when in full generational relief.

“It is incredible to have arrived here with the teams that there were. It is sad to leave without a medal being at home, but we will continue working for them”

Mireya González, player from Spain

“Thinking about it cold, it’s amazing to have come here. With the teams that there are, not all of them reach the semifinals “, he reflected, still hot, Mireya González, who entered the call for the injury of Almudena Rodríguez. “We feel sorry because it is a championship at homeThe group has had a very good ‘feeling’ and we are leaving without a medal, but we have to earn it on the field. We will continue working for other finals and other medals“.

The illusion for bronze soon faded. If on Friday Spain resisted the bid of the almighty Norway until the break, which was reached with a draw, and without letting go at any time, Denmark choked the Warriors before. The Scandinavians stepped on the accelerator midway through the first half (from 10-10 to 14-10) and left at halftime with three goals ahead (13-16).

Toft, a wall under sticks

The lack of effectiveness of the Warriors, stopped by a great Toft under sticks (chosen MVP of the party), continued after the rest. Five minutes it took Shandy Barbosa in moving the Spanish electronic, and the distance was growing thanks to the effectiveness of Louise Burgaard, author of seven goals without failure, five in the second half. “At the defensive level we have not been up to the task,” he acknowledged Eli Cesáreo after defeat. Carmen Martin, the captain of the Guerreras, was the Spanish top scorer with six.

“We don’t have superstars, but we put our hearts into everything. This team can give a lot.”

Carmen Campos, player from Spain

We don’t have superstars, but we put our hearts to everything. It’s what we have to do, never give up anything for lost and keep fighting “, analyzed an emotional Carmen Campos, who tried to value what she achieved in this World Cup, in which they only lost to the best team in history and a Denmark Three-time Olympic champion, although it had not been on a podium for eight years. “It’s hard to see now, because we’ve had two chances to get on the podium and it couldn’t be. We had reached the semifinals with 7 out of 7 and They are two finals that we have not been able to get, but I am proud of the team, very happy with this championship and sad that it is over. You have to continue, because this team can give a lot“.

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Mireya González insisted on this idea: “There is a rope for a while. Many players have just arrived at the national team, some with less than 25 years, and this will give them experience for future championships. The Warriors will always be fighting and giving battle to the great teams “.

Denmark, 35 – Spain, 28

DENMARK: Toft and Reinhardt (p); Pedersen (1), Hansen (6), Heindahl (3), Haugsted (3), Bohme, Tranborg (2), Jorgensen (6), Jensen (2), Burgaard (7), Petersen (1), Hojlund (1 ), Friis (1), Iversen (2), Moller.

SPAIN: Silvia Navarro and Mercedes Castellanos (p); Carmen Martín (6), Carmen Campos (5), Silvia Arderius (1), Eli Cesáreo (2), Jénnifer Gutiérrez, Maitane Etxeberria, Soledad López (2), Kaba Gassama (3), Alicia Fernández, Ainhoa ​​Hernández, Irene Espínola (1), Paula Arcos (2), Mireya González (2), Shandy Barbosa (4).

SCORE EVERY 5 MINUTES: 2-2, 4-4, 7-6, 10-10, 14-10, 16-13 (rest); 19-13, 22-15, 27-19, 28-21, 32-25 and 35-28.

REFEREES: Amar Konjicanin (BIH) and Dino Konjicanin (BIH). They excluded Heindahl, Tranborg and Burgaard in Denmark for two minutes and Carmen Martín, Carmen Campos, Maitane Etxeberria and Irene Espinola in Spain.

PAVILION: Granollers Sports Palace.