The silence in the NFL with the Daniel Snyder case: an accusation of sexual harassment covered with millions

December 19, 2021

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This week The Washington Post published information in which the NFL she was very compromised by what happened with the city team of the popular newspaper. A silenced sexual abuse with money where the alleged culprit is the owner of a franchise of the American football league has put the entire world of sport in check in U.S. Daniel Snyder He would have paid 1.4 million euros to an employee not to reveal any information about what happened to the billionaire.

It all started in July 2020, when the US media reported on the case of Emily Applegate. This employee began working for the, then, Washington Redskins in 2014. She had a daily routine: she would meet a co-worker in the bathroom during their lunch breaks to commiserate and cry over the frequent sexual harassment and verbal abuse they endured. In total, there were 40 workers on the NFL team who denounced this situation by targeting club workers.

Within these practices, the employees endured requests such as wearing tight dresses for meetings with clients so that “the men in the room had something to look at” or squeezes in the ass during games of the franchise of Washington. Everything seemed well tied up by the management: they signed non-disclosure commitments in their contracts under threat of legal reprisals if they speak negatively of the entity.

Dallas Cowboys players kneel in the FedExField, the home stadium of the Washington Football Team.


When the story was published in 2020, three employees of the team who had been summoned within these practices left. The entity hired the prestigious city attorney Beth Wilkinson to review the case and try to clean up the entity. Coincidences of fate, Snyder had never been mentioned. Neither in private investigation. Now the newspaper shows that the owner of the NFL team paid the key employee with whom he reached an agreement in 2009 not to reveal his case.

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The alleged incident occurred on Snyder’s private plane on a flight returning from Los Country Music Academy Awards in Las Vegas. The employee made “certain accusations” in April 2009. Months later she would be fired with a seven-figure agreement. It was signed on July 22 of that year by an attorney on behalf of Snyder and two other team executives and did not describe the nature of the allegations.

The NFL, faced with all these reports, launched a parallel investigation in which Snyder was willing to collaborate. It did not include any allegations about the owner of the Washington team. Nor in the Wilkinson investigation, which was settled with a fine of nine million euros to the entity. Now is when the newspaper investigates what happened in recent months to demonstrate strange attitudes of the billionaire that leave many doubts about his involvement in these alleged abuses.

All this has reached the government of U.S. The House Oversight and Reform Committee disputes the documents and information that the NFL released regarding the 10-month investigation into these alleged multi-year workplace misconduct at the franchise owned and operated by Daniel Snyder. Doubts about the investigation that Willkinson began and seized by the league commissioner only add to the focus on the owner.

The controversy with the Redskins

Snyder has been throughout his stay in the franchise pointed out by the controversy. Before the sex scandal, came the name change of the franchise. The Washington team renounced the Redskins nickname (Redskins) and the logo (Where a Native American Indian appeared) in the middle of the movement ‘Black Lives Matter‘. The owner who bought the club in 1999 always claimed that he would never change it because “it actually honored Native Americans.”

The Washington Redskins logo above FedEX Field

The Washington Redskins logo above FedEX Field


As if that were not enough, his stay in sports cannot be highlighted either. The team has a negative record since arrival and has never made it past the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. During that time he has had a crusade against journalists in Washington and it is public that he has tried to remove some of their jobs through his influence. He is so eccentric that one of his most famous controversies occurred when he tried to negotiate with the body that regulates national parks in the United States to remove trees that prevented him from seeing the river clearly. Potomac From your home.

While the government asks for more reports on the case of sexual abuse and fans pressure the owner of the entity for his sports management, Daniel Snyder stars in one of the most notorious embarrassments in the history of the NFL. Roger Godell, commissioner of the league, has denied the accusations about that intervention of the owner of the Washington Football Team in the case to prevent the key declaration.

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