The children’s Barça grows in the rain

December 21, 2021

  • The gang of Gavi, Araujo, Abde and company lived in Seville an intense night in which they demonstrated their ability to compete. Only the victory was lacking.

The Children’s Barça lived in Sevilla one of those nights when it grows suddenly. Under the deluge of Pizjuán and before guys like Diego Carlos, Koundé, Fernando or Jordán, Xavi’s team underwent a test that was successful. The lace of a triumph that it clearly deserved was missing, but the image was remarkable. With Gavi At the head of the gladiators, the lads survived in a intense learning journey and they competed against a rival that right now is the Madrid’s main threat to conquer the League.

Barça ended the year in a motivating scenario, a Sánchez Pizjuán who is always intimidating, even if the conditions this Tuesday were not ideal: a Tuesday with cold, rain and at an unattractive schedule. I do not care. Just by listening to the Anthem of the Centennial of El Arrebato, one of the most stellar compositions that exist, the revolutions are accelerated, on the grass and in the stands.

It’s time to be optimistic

The youth Barça needed that Xavi tries to revive a game to increase the self esteem. The coach had been satisfied with his balance of 10 out of 15 points since his debut against him. Spanish (1-0) from a month ago. Since then, I had been through all kinds of situations without completely convincing to the culés. The battle in Seville was an important test to face the Christmas with the crooked face or with an air of hope. Touch be optimistic. Barça is still out of Europe, but if it prolongs what it has shown this Tuesday it will soon be higher.

The precedents They were not negative, since Barça had added three victories and two draws in their last five visits to Pizjuán, where they have not fallen since October 2015 (2-1). They were different times. The goal of that match, for example, was scored Neymar, four months after conquering the Champions against Juventus. Now the realistic objective is no longer to win the maximum European competition, of which it is already removed, but play it next season. The fourth place that Rayo Vallecano occupies is already caressed.

The Alba-Koundé moment

Tempers suffered a bassoon with the goal of Papu in a play of strategy. The defeat was not fair and Araujo he struck back with a masterful header from another corner. In times of debate over the position game and other more modern concepts, Board gave two goals of those of lifetime, the old-fashioned way.

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In the first half, Barça had finished like never before in this season. The task remained to be completed and the pulse found a moment in the expulsion of Koundé for a ball to Jordi Alba. In the children’s Barça there are also veteran rogues, such as the full back of L’Hospitalet, capable of ruining a game with some foolishness, but also to provoke the red of one of the best defenders on the planet. It wasn’t enough to win at Most cholista Seville, but Barça continues to improve and grow.