The RFEF budget grows almost 300% in just four years

December 21, 2021

The Royal Spanish Football Federation approved this Monday the highest budget in its history Facing the year 2022. The presiding body Luis rubiales foresees income of 406 million euros, a figure that is 49 million more than the amount budgeted for 2021 and which continues with the continued growth of the RFEF in recent years.

These numbers allowed Rubiales to obtain the favorable vote of the 85 members who participated in the assembly held in Las Rozas, which was attended by, among others, the presidents of Barça and Athletic, Joan Laporta Y Aitor Elizegi, confirming the gigantic support that he has since he was elected president.

The Villar era

Rubiales took office in May 2018, replacing Juan Luis Larrea placeholder image, who had assumed the position of president on an interim basis after the imputation of who had been the previous four decades, Angel Maria Villar. Rubiales and his entire team soon discovered that the RFEF was a giant with feet of clay, due to the unwillingness of the previous managers to develop the full potential of the institution.

Concerned above all about the successes of the senior men’s team and the maintenance of the privileges of the national and regional leaders, Villar’s management had neglected many other federative aspects, handing over the management of many of them to third parties, including LaLiga. A scenario that, with many controversies involved, Rubiales has tried to reverse in these three long years that he has been in office.

The budgets for the year 2017 reflect well the encystment in which the RFEF was in comparison with the current situation. The main item, relating to television rights, reached the 64 million euros, almost half of the 124 budgeted for next year.

The world Cup

The increase is partly explained by the increase in the value of television rights in these four years and the already guaranteed presence of Spain in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but also by the format changes with the Copa del Rey and marketing strategies carried out by the RFEF itself. Mediaset is estimated to pay around 45 million euros per year for the Cup, a cost shared with Dazn, who reached an agreement with the owners of Telecinco and Cuatro.

Another important advance in this regard was the restructuring of the professional categories, crystallized this season, which includes a new category (First RFEF) below the Second Division. The commercialization of this new division through the OTT Footters reports to the RFEF about 10 million euros by season.

Saudi Arabia

The other large item of federal income is that relating to sponsorship and merchandising, whose total figure has multiplied by three in the last four years: of the 29 million euros from 2018 to 91 from 2022.

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The main increase in this game comes from the agreement reached in 2019 for the Spanish Super Cup to be played in final four-way mode. Saudi Arabia, a change in format and location that reports to the RFEF around 30 million euros year.

The increase in income is reflected in a greater number of aid to Spanish clubs. While in 2018 the total amount reached 33 million euros, in 2022 it will already be 95, almost three times more.