The faith of Barça knocks down Unics Kazan

December 22, 2021

For the legend of Barça by Jasikevicius will remain in time the demonstration of faith and character that he made in front of the Unics Boiler in the Euroleague. It was a tremendous victory started in extra time (111-109) against an opponent who had it in their hands and let it escape. A score against 20 points was the starting point of a historic comeback for the Barcelona team, the key to the ninth consecutive victory in the European competition, which allows them to reinforce their leadership. The triumph was accompanied by a record for the Barça: the one with the best first round (15 wins, 2 losses) in the history of the tournament.

The Barça night featured countless protagonists, impossible to understand otherwise such a radical script twist as the one that took place at the Palau, the story almost impossible. Mirotic (28 points) and Kuric (24) they shot with pride but Jokubaitis, Exum and Laprovittola They will also add to the list of heroes for the stands in a night of unleashed emotions.

The eight points of Hezonja in the first two minutes they were the best example of the bet of the Unics, a team that lives a moment of overwhelming confidence. Perasovic has assembled a group of physically powerful players, with plenty of energy and who, in addition, have a lot of offensive talent, such as the Croatian forward, who built at the Palau the beginning of his career for three years, but also as John Brown, a nightmare for the defense.

The speed in transitions, aggressiveness in the game and defensive activity propelled the Unics already from the first minutes. The Barça He was able to keep up with him in the first quarter (27-28), turned into a passionate exchange of blows between the two. The Catalans managed to reduce the attack damage of the Russians, but offensively they became entangled and only added a dozen points. Limited as is in rotations due to casualties (Calathes, Higgins, Abrines, Hayes, Sergi Martínez), The team of Jasikevicius was yielding in intensity and concentration, accumulating losses and allowing easy counterattacks of the Unics that ended up widening the Russian team’s advantage at halftime (37-46).

At the edge of the abyss

The picture became even more complicated with a 2-9 partial in the resumption, which further triggered the differences in favor of the Unics up to 16 points (39-55). The bad feelings did not leave Barça, who saw how all their attempts had a quick response from the Russian team, which came into the last quarter with a 20-point margin (57-77). But, looking into the abyss, the Barça team showed a colossal faith and character.

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With the leadership of Mirotic, to the success of Kuric and Laprovittola, and to step in front of Exum, the Barça team was filing differences voraciously, to the disbelief of the Palau fans, involved in a roller coaster of sensations, which even more raised an ugly gesture of Canaan, silencing the crowd after a triple. The result of the Barcelona charge was an astonishing 37-20 partial in the last period that gave way to extra time with three final free throws by Mirotic already a victory that will remain in memory.

FC Barcelona, 111- Unics Kazan, 109

FC Barcelona: Laprovittola (12), Exum (13), Mirotic (28), Orihuela (4), Davies (2) -initial five- Sanli (5), Smits (8), Kuric (24), Jokubaits (15), Caicedo ( -).

11 of 24 triples (Kuric, 4). 34 rebounds, 12 offensive (Sanli, 6). 19 assists (Laprivottola, 8)

Unics: L. Brown (27), Hezonja (18), J. Brown (21), Uzinskii 3 (), Vorontsevich (2) -initial five- Spissu (2), Canaan (20), Brantley (-), Jekiri (10) ), May (6).

13 of 29 triples (Hezonja, 4). 26 rebounds, 14 offensive (Jekiri, 6). 16 assists (L. Brown, 9).

Partial: 27-28; 10-18;20-28; 37-20