Alejandro Linares apologizes for saying that former president Santos called magistrates for Uribe’s tutelage

December 23, 2021

Bogotá, March 7, 2019. A public hearing is held in the Constitutional Court on the reuse of glyphosate. In the photo: Judge Alejandro Linares. (Colprensa – Sofía Toscano)

On November 11, the Nine magistrates of the Constitutional Court met to define whether or not they would accept a tutelage filed by former President Álvaro Uribe, that in simple words what he was asking was that he be removed from the status of defendant in the process that the Prosecutor’s Office now has for alleged manipulation of witnesses.

The five votes registered against the guardianship were cast by Diana Fajardo, Gloria Ortiz, Cristina Pardo, José Fernando Reyes and Alejandro Linares. While the four remaining votes to accept the tutelage were Jorge Ibáñez, Paola Meneses, Alberto Rojas Ríos and Antonio Lizarazo.

Precisely Linares, in an interview with Semana, gave a statement that led former President Uribe to criminally denounce former President Juan Manuel Santos. This was said by Linares:

“I understand that some colleagues received calls from both former presidents (Santos and César Gaviria), from time to time I speak with them about different social and political issues., but fortunately they are not lawyers, so in legal matters we cannot share legal arguments ”.

It was enough to say those words for Uribe to accuse Santos of having intervened in that process and that the result was unfavorable for the leader of the Democratic Center.

It is December 23, the same magistrate Linares published a statement in which he apologizes for what triggered his comment.

I offer a public apology to my fellow magistrates of the Constitutional Court and to the aforementioned former presidents of the Republic, who have been faced with criticism and value judgments on the part of some sectors of opinion ”, he pointed out.

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