Femicide in Salta: the disfigured and mutilated body appeared on the side of a road

December 23, 2021

Beatriz’s remains were found yesterday hidden in undergrowth

The province of Salta lives hours of shock after meeting the femicide of Beatriz Inés González, a 40-year-old woman whose body was found yesterday with signs of torture and injuries all over her body. According to local media, the victim’s face was severed, the thumb of the right hand was mutilated, and his body was hidden in undergrowth.

According to judicial sources consulted by Infobae, the identity of the woman was only known this Thursday because it was not possible to recognize her with the naked eye due to the state in which her face was. It was identified by the tattoos.

When he found the body, the injuries were evident and he presented mutilations in one of the fingers”, They confirmed to this medium about how the finding was. At the moment, as indicated, there are still no detainees and the case, which is in charge of the criminal prosecutor of the Femicide Unit (UFEM), Mónica Poma, is kept under a total secrecy. “The prosecutor works with reserve to preserve the investigation,” they noted.

The body was found in the undergrowth, near the waters of the Campo Alegre dam, on the side of National Route 9, in the town of La Caldera. They were residents of the area – located 22 kilometers from the provincial capital – who alerted the Police, around 8.10, about the presence of a woman’s body.

After the discovery and work in the area, the body was transferred to the Forensic Thanatology Service of the Fiscal Investigation Corps (CIF). The preliminary result of the autopsy is still unknown..

According to the newspaper The Tribune of Salta, based on a source of the cause, Beatriz had brutal injuries to her face, which was completely disfigured and unrecognizable, with a possible lack of tissue in some of its parts, the severed right thumb and other injuries to her hands that could have been the result of defensive acts. In addition, he had very serious injuries in the thoracic area.

Another fact that researchers assume is that the femicide could have happened just hours before dawn. Investigators cordoned off the area to determine, in addition, if the crime occurred at the scene or if the dead body was thrown by the murderer by the roadside.

They identified her by her tattoos
They identified her by her tattoos

Security sources also informed the Tribune that, after the scientific survey of the place of the discovery, It is presumed that it could be a sexual attack, although the same source clarified that forensic expertise will clearly determine how the crime was mechanized.

All CIF Homicide personnel are working, not only in the area where the body was found, but also on the victim’s surroundings.

The crime of the 40-year-old woman, who according to official records, He was engaged in domestic service and lived in the town of Vaqueros, he had an immediate impact on the province. Social networks were flooded with messages calling for Justice and the clarification of femicide. From simple neighbors to feminist organizations expressed repudiation for what happened.

The organization Mujeres Autoconvocadas de Vaqueros and La Caldera expressed regret for the femicide. “We ask for Justice for Beatriz González, for all the women who are no longer here, and we shout loudly: Long live we love each other. As self-convened neighbors, we express ourselves with sadness, anger, and impotence towards an absent State and a society that continues to not recognize gender violence as a collective problem ”, they expressed.

From the El Molino Community Association and Popular Library, they accompanied, for their part, the demand for Justice for Beatriz and “for all the women and dissidents who are no longer there.”

According to official figures, With the discovery of González’s body, there are already 14 femicides that occurred during 2021 within the province of Salta. The judicial sources consulted by Infobae, indicated that for the moment there have been no previous complaints from the victim of gender violence.

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