Gonzalo Heredia and Brenda Gandini spoke about the couple crisis and made an intimate claim

December 23, 2021

Brenda Gandini and Gonzalo Heredia

The couple of Gonzalo Heredia and Brenda Gandini prepares to do summer season in the city of Buenos Aires with the play Nudes. The parents of Eloy Y Alfonsina will share the Metropolitan Sura theater stage with their colleagues: Mercedes Scápola, Luciano Cáceres, Esteban Lamothe and Sabrina Rojas.

The work is re-set in the traditional Corrientes street with changes in the cast due to the departure of Luciano Castro placeholder image. “For a colleague to leave shook us and we became quite sensitive to the issue, but we are happy with the incorporation (of Lamothe),” explained the daughter of Daniela Cardone in an interview with the cycle Relentless (The Nine). When asked what it was like to work as a couple, Heredia replied: “We get along really good. We get along better working than at home ”.

Immediately, Brenda assured: “What we always say is that the daily life at home, the children, the responsibilities, maybe they make us have a little more fun. We are more relaxed when we work ”. Gonzalo interrupted her and jokingly took the opportunity to reproach her in front of the cameras: “You treat me better in rehearsals and performances than at home.”

On the other hand, the actor talked about his other works, such as the strip The 5-1 / 18 on tv and his work as a writer: “Polka’s novel… well, the reopening of the television and theater industry is good. I am with the publication of my second novel, The point of no return. I wrote it throughout the pandemic and it was the only thing that kept me afloat. “

Finally, the couple made reference to a sensitive issue: the rumors of a marriage crisis that had emerged a few months ago. “No, guys. Everything is alright. They are the rules of the game, of the middle. Everything is fine and it is understood… ”, Heredia replied. It should be remembered that in September it turned out that they were not having a good time, to the point that she would have asked him to leave the family home.

“Family photo sequence, without dying in the attempt”, She had written on August 30 on her Instagram account along with an album in which she posed with her children and in said postcard, perhaps as an omen of the present that separates them, the actor was not there.

Brenda Gandini
Brenda Gandini’s post

Even so, on August 26, the actress shared a photo with the actor to promote the work. Nudes, which at that time had as protagonists Luciano Cáceres, Mercedes Scápola and his friends, Luciano Castro placeholder image Y Sabrina rojas.

Brenda Gandini
Brenda Gandini with her colleagues from the work Nudes

In turn, it emerged that there was very good chemistry between Gonzalo Heredia and his partner in the fiction of Polka Agustina Cherri, with whom he stars in a love triangle with Esteban Lamothe. Rumors claimed that the artists had such fiery kiss scenes that they fueled suspicions of a possible romance. Finally those versions were rejected since Brenda and Gonzalo are shown as a super stable couple.

Recently, the couple showed on social networks the family house that has a pool and large spaces for their children to play and also carry out the different activities they do, among which during 2020 homeschooling stood out, a method which was applied due to the coronavirus pandemic and in which each child took school classes from their home through the Zoom platform.

brenda gandini gonzalo heredia house
Brenda and Gonzalo’s family home

“Nothing compares with the unique spaces and moments that I share with my son”, Heredia reflected on the warmth of his house, the one in which he also has a fireplace. In addition to the garden they have outside their house, inside the couple decided to decorate with plants. In this regard, he said: “We are fans of plants, books and animals.” As if to get to know a little more about the family that the actors formed.

brenda gandini gonzalo heredia house
Brenda and Gonzalo’s family home
brenda gandini gonzalo heredia house
Gonzalo’s favorite place for reading


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