Instituto Rosario Castellanos: requirements to enter a bachelor’s degree in 2022

December 23, 2021

The Rosario Castellanos Institute will open more than 1500 places for students seeking distance or hybrid modality (Photo: Facebook / Claudia Sheinbaum)

There are just a few days until a new year begins and with it will come endless opportunities in all areas of life, such as education, which is promoted by institutions and governments so that all people have access to greater opportunities for education. attend basic, middle and higher education.

For this reason, the government of Mexico City published the new call for the Rosario Castellanos Institute of Higher Studies (IESRC) for him admission process to the 2022-1 period, in which they can enter, in remote mode, three thousand students, while for the mHybrid modality 400 new spaces will be enabled.

The first places will be available for bachelor’s degrees in Information and Communication Technologies (285), Marketing and Sales (285), Humanities and Multimedia Narratives (285), Administration and Commerce (285), Law and Criminology (715), International Relations (430), Accounting and Finance (285), and Psychology (430).

For its part, in the second modality, which It will be hosted by the Magdalena Contreras Academic Unit, vacancies will be opened for degrees in Control and Automation Engineering (134), Economics and Sustainable Development (133), and Business Data Sciences (133). With that, the IESRC will have an enrollment of 30 thousand students.

The call closes on January 3, 2022 (Photo: Facebook / IESRC)
The call closes on January 3, 2022 (Photo: Facebook / IESRC)

In order to start the registration process, interested parties have to meet two general requirements:

1. Have accredited or completed their studies in upper secondary education (If you do not yet have the certificate of upper secondary education, you must present proof of the corresponding procedure and state in writing the reasons why you do not have said document. Subsequently, you will have to present the certificate of completion of studies with the commitment of deliver the certificate no later than March 31, 2022).

2. Have a valid “gmail” email account at the time of registration, personal, non-transferable and for the exclusive use of the interested party during the admission process.

If they are complied with, it will be possible to give start of registration, which will take place from 12:00 hours on December 26, 2021 and until 11:59 p.m. on January 3, 2022. All this will be carried out through a specific system that will be accessed through the page:

Once this first step is completed, Students will begin the admissions process from 12 noon on January 10, 2022 and until 11:59 p.m. on January 30, 2022, through a virtual classroom that will also be enabled on the official website of the Rosario Castellamos Institute.

Classes will begin on March 7, 2022. (Photo: Twitter Claudia Sheinbaum)
Classes will begin on March 7, 2022. (Photo: Twitter Claudia Sheinbaum)

It will be from 12:00 hours on February 4, 2022 when interested parties will be able to consult the results. In case of having been chosen, a folio number will be granted to continue with the process.

Registration in the IRC System to obtain the voucher begins at 08:00 hours on February 7, 2022 and ends on February 11, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. It is important to remember that there will be no extension in any case.

Later, The delivery of documents and validation of the registration voucher will take place at the Gustavo A. Madero Academic Unit, located at Av. 506 s / n, Colonia San Juan de Aragón, Section II, Mayor’s Office Gustavo A. Madero, CP 07969, from February 21 to 26, 2022. At the end of this step, students must carry out the knowledge self-diagnosis general, and automated medical diagnostics. Finally, classes will begin on March 7, 2022.

During the registration process it is a necessary condition present all the documentation that is required both in digital and physical format, including CURP, birth certificate, proof of studies and official identification, as well as the proof of registration generated by the System.


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