John Jairo Mosquera at Sporting Cristal: his former technician says that “he did not adapt to the altitude” and that “injuries haunt him”

December 23, 2021

Former John Jairo Mosquera coach did not give good references to the recent signing of Sporting Cristal.

The signing John Jairo Mosquera to Sporting Cristal It has been generating a lot of controversy, especially in the ‘blue’ fans, who consider that not enough effort was made to have Emanuel Herrera back. Likewise, they consider that Bolivian football should not be a market for the club after what was seen with Marcos Riquelme: he arrived as a scorer in the ‘altiplano’ tournament, but did not perform in Peruvian football in 2021.

In any case, Sporting Cristal has already agreed with John Jairo Mosquera for all of 2022. The Colombian will have the difficult task of becoming the scorer that the fans expect. The backpack is heavy and the group stage of the Copa Libertadores is unforgiving. But, in what conditions will it arrive on campus?

Pablo Godoy, his former Always Ready technician, did not give very good references. “He is going to a great team from Peru and I congratulate him. He came to Always Ready to play the Copa Libertadores, but had an injury and did not recover well. In the last matches, he played and scored a goal. Later, the injury suffered ”, revealed in Exitosa Deportes.

“He had a lot of injuries in his career. This year the injuries haunted him quite a bit, but the good thing is that he ended up playing and scoring goals. He is an area player and has good passing game, “he added.

On their individual characteristics, he noted: “In the duel he is no longer a strong player, in the one against one he does not take advantage. In the collective game he helps and is a technical player, “he said.

John Jairo Mosquera was expressly requested by Roberto Mosquera, as he was his coach in Bolivia. “Roberto Mosquera knows him. They made a very big story at Royal Pari. You have to give Jhon and Roberto extra confidence, “said the Paraguayan.

Another of the reasons why they brought in John Jairo Mosquera is because in 2022 League 1 will be decentralized: that is, Sporting Cristal will go to play on several high pitches. And it is assumed that he would have no problems performing in these scenarios due to his past in Bolivia (he has been since 2018).

However, this ‘favorable’ condition was denied by Pablo Godoy with a surprising statement that Sporting Cristal fans will not like it at all. “He never adapted to the altitude. It cost him a lot “, closed openly.

John Jairo Mosquera announced at Sporting Cristal.
John Jairo Mosquera announced at Sporting Cristal.


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