José Ortega Cano celebrates his birthday with Gloria Camila

December 23, 2021



José Ortega Cano turns 68 and how could it be otherwise, the bullfighter has been celebrating it from early in the morning. He has been seen with his daughter Gloria Camila leaving their home to enjoy the company of the young woman, whom he not only adores, but also supports in all the decisions he makes.

Celebrating it from the first hour with his daughter Gloria Camila and assuring that she is very well and in good spirits, the bullfighter has confessed to us that he has a lot of energy: “Yes of course, with spirit. I am always in spirit.” In addition, Ortega has told you how little José María has congratulated him: “He has sung happy birthday to me and assures that having him is already a gift”.

Minutes later we saw José Ortega Cano in a cafeteria, but already, tired of the press, he did not want to make statements about how he is celebrating his birthday with his family or reveal how Christmas is passing. The bullfighter was limited to saying goodbye to the reporter with a wave.

Finally, the bullfighter has finished the morning arriving at his house with his brother-in-law Aniceto. A fun morning in which we can see how Ortega Cano keeps his shape, leaves, enters his house, has fun and makes the most of time possible with his family.