Kunno lashed out at haters who criticized him for not being able to smile after cosmetic treatment

December 23, 2021

Kunno underwent cosmetic surgery (Photo: screenshot / Tiktok .kunno)

Kunno He was back in the eye of the hurricane after undergoing multiple cosmetic treatments: lipopapada and jaw implant.

And, as a good user of social networks, the influencer decided to share some fragments of his recovery process with his followers. But the responses he received were not the best, since from the beginning, his haters began to mention that he looked like “Thanos” from Marvel o a “Buzz Lightyear” from Toy Story.

Through his TikTok account, Kunno took up one of these mentions and took the situation with humor, then, between laughter, he said: “How rude, I’m not that bearded, I was swollen but not so much”He said a few days ago.

However, in some more recent Instagram stories, the tiktoker revealed that as a result of the aesthetic intervention he currently undergoes, he cannot smile.

“How awful! I tried to smile and I forgot that I can’t smile, but I look cute“Kunno is heard saying, who wears bandages on his jaw.

The influencer cannot smile (Photo: screenshot / Ig papikunno)
The influencer cannot smile (Photo: screenshot / Ig papikunno)

Faced with this situation, Internet users were quick to react and, after Tell me what you know published these statements, they began to criticize the influencer.

Right now she is looking like Ninel Conde … “,” I found her similar to Kim Kardashia’s mothern “, Treatment is done and as you can see, on top of that you must use filters”, are some of the mentions left by Instagram users.

Therefore, Kunno decided to clarify the situation and recorded a few videos to explain to all those who criticized him what is the real reason why he cannot smile.

Kunno responded to his haters (Photo: screenshot / Ig papikunno)
Kunno responded to his haters (Photo: screenshot / Ig papikunno)

“I already saw that there are people who go around talking and talking, saying and saying, because I didn’t explain myself either. When I told them that I could not smile, it is because this part of my mouth is asleep, not because they left me bad or crooked. You of 10 gossip of mine, nine invent them, but I will be able to smile well after the time of being able to recover, that is, I have been two weeks and this is three months, “he said.

Regarding some users who questioned him for not wearing a full headband, the tiktoker mentioned that it was no longer used.

That technology is no longer usedThis is already used, the bandage, it is better because the other removes fibrosis. Information that heals ”, he concluded.

Just a few weeks ago, Kunno mentioned to Infobae Mexico that he is a very sensitive, delicate person and over time he has: “had to grasp this weight of a strong, protective, fierce person, who falls into different comments as ‘the last coca cola in the desert is believed'”. Thus, he added that it is human, person and him: “it has been many times to cry” and stress.

“Literally, I have had conversations with my manager that already, hide me in my room. I’m in my apartment and I just want to be hugged by my boyfriend because I feel very weak with so many comments ”.

Kunno mentioned that “it was easy to upload between 30 and 40 tiktoks a day and now I’m scared to post a tik tok because I can’t be me anymore and it’s very sad because I question my own person.”

“This person who is a joker, who likes fun, daring can no longer do it because he has no waist, what an ugly body, you do not deserve it, you are not a real person and I become small, like that person from Monterrey who was afraid to belong to something and dare ”.


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