“Love yourself a little, something is not right in your life”: tough confrontation between Sergio Fajardo and Wally

December 23, 2021

Again a controversy broke out in social networks on behalf of a new confrontation between the Twitter user Walter Rodríguez, known as Wally, and the Colombian politician Sergio Fajardo.

On this occasion Wally was thrown at the ready against Fajardo. Without censorship, he wrote heavy caliber insults and the former mayor of Medellín did not wait to answer him. “Everyone agrees that Fajardo is the biggest asshole in Colombia, right?” is the message that the young man wrote on his Twitter account.

The publication already has more than 12 thousand likes, two thousand retweets and more than a thousand comments, among those, the response of the former mayor of Medellín who is also involved in the ruling of fiscal responsibility for the mistakes made in the Hidroituango megaproject.

The Paisa politician questioned the twitterer about the sensation that this type of comments produces. In addition, he invited him to “love himself a little.”

“What does this do to you? What are you looking for in life with such an easy offense? Have we ever talked? What makes you so angry? From the heart, Wally, love yourself a little. Something is not right in your life. Now, if you use insult to overcome something, here I am at your service “, Sergio Fajardo responded to Wally’s insult.

But the discussion did not stop there, Wally decided to respond to Fajardo’s questions by assuring that his trill serves to overcome the lack of support that young people had in their struggles and he focused especially on the National Strike.

“It helps me to overcome their lack of support for the students and their struggles, for not supporting the National Strike, for the lack of explanations about Hidroituango. For its columns applauding and praising Uribe. For his silence before Néstor Humberto Martínez. For its tepidity and ridiculousness “the young man wrote in response to Fajardo.

After the crossing of trills of course the comments of the followers of both characters did not wait. Both on one side and the other Internet users began to comment on the discussion and while Wally’s followers called Fajardo “lukewarm” as on other occasions, Fajardo’s followers encouraged him to continue responding to the young man.

“The lukewarm was heated” and “Fajardo is not a fool HP, he is a politician of low moral stature, who has his principles committed to the worst of the Antioquia business race (corrupt contractors and front men)”, are some of the comments of the people who also left against the Colombian politician.

On the other hand, there were those who supported him: “Very good Fajardo, hard with those people whose only way of doing politics is attacking, they do not propose anything and when they propose they propose populist things and therefore unfeasible,” wrote an Internet user.

“Unacceptable about Wally. With the insult nothing is achieved “, is another of the comments that users of the social network left in the publication.

It should be remembered that Wally has been making content for social networks for more than five years, in which he informs and gives his opinion on Colombian news, especially in relation to politics and public officials. Likewise, he has stood out on social networks for his support for youth movements and the struggles that are advanced through mobilization.


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