Meet a robot that will help you to recover your account, if it was blocked on social networks

December 23, 2021

File photo. | Credit: JEFF GRITCHEN / ZUMA PRESS

Although the rules or terms of service of each social network seek to protect the community itself from malicious activities or people, these rules are not perfect, since it is true that sometimes some people are banned or suspended by mistake or unfairly of social networks.

Although they may seem isolated and infrequent cases, the suspension of ‘unjustified’ accounts is more common than is believed, such is the case of Thea-Mai Baumann who has recently code a lot of force, since the Instagram user had an account since several years ago with the name ‘@metaverse’; Now, with the change from Facebook to “Meta”, lBaumann’s account was suspended for ‘identity theft’, and although her account has already been returned, the company never offered an explanation.

Faced with this type of errors, users have options or appeals that can be limited, well, a person can spend months sending emails or making phone calls that often do not get an answer, in this situation, The company ‘DoNotPay’ has created a ‘robot lawyer’ that will help you in the battle to get your account back.

This company’s service is included with a monthly subscription of $ 36 per month where it asks its users for information about what happened and sends a direct letter to the legal department of the corresponding company on their behalf.

“These platforms prioritize legal cases, when you just write about customer service, they don’t take it seriously.” explained the CEO of ‘DoNotPay’ to the international medium Engadget.

In addition to sending the letter to the legal department of each social network, the company will also look for a “legal reason why they cannot ban it”, making use of state and federal laws that may apply to the case (since most of the offices of the social networks are in the US), in addition, the communication will include a deadline for the company to respond.

Joshua Browder, CEO of the company explained to Engadget that so far Paypal and Instagram have been among the most requested services for unlocking accounts, even so, this service also works with other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Tinder, YouTube , Twitch, among others.

It should be noted that this service is not intended for people who were suspended or blocked for legitimate reasons, and for those who were suspended by mistake, the probability of recovering an account with this service is approximately 20%, although it is not a high percentage of success. Yes, it is much higher than by other ‘conventional’ means.

In addition to the above, in the event that access to a certain account cannot be recovered, ‘DoNotPay’ can ensure that the details of the account’s blocking are delivered, information that is often not delivered to users. .

File photo.  |  Credit: DoNotPay
File photo. | Credit: DoNotPay

Despite the fact that ‘DoNotPay’ has added the service for unlocking social media accounts, this company is already known for using ‘robots’ to help people with other types of related services such as recovering suspended or hacked accounts of video game services , appeal of bank payments, appeal of traffic fines in the US, among others.


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