Oscar Ruggeri surprised with a prediction about Lionel Messi for 2022

December 23, 2021

* Ruggeri gave his prediction on Lionel Messi for 2022

In the traditional midday program that is broadcast on ESPN, Oscar Ruggeri returned to take a stellar role. In a special broadcast, where the awards were presented F90 to the most outstanding of the 2021, the pigheaded was in charge of granting recognition to Lionel Messi, considered the most influential footballer of recent times.

The former central defender clarified that the election could be for anyone, if the Rosario star had not been there, since the other nominees were Emiliano Dibu Martínez, the Holiday Romero Y Rodrigo De Paul, key pieces in the structure of the team he leads Lionel Scaloni and figures during the last America Cup that won Argentina versus Brazil at Maracana. “If you bring out the best of all, the others are very even. It could be anyone”, Argued the former central world champion in Mexico ’86.

“It is difficult, because it is about the National Team. But having the best of all, it’s a difference”Argued the popular panelist who entertains and amuses on the small screen. And after the presentation of the applicants to win the award, Ruggeri surprised with a prophecy for next year, when the Albiceleste have the most important commitment in Qatar. “This one (Messi) must be taken advantage of within a year, because it will make us champions of the world”, Emphasized the former center-back spontaneously before receiving warm applause from his teammates.

Meanwhile, La Pulga is in Rosario enjoying a short vacation to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year. The PSG forward landed on the aircraft that he owns at 10.06 at the Islas Malvinas International Airport, located in the Santa Fe town of Fisherton.

The international legend descended from the plane by one of its steps with a backpack on his back, a small suitcase in his right hand, a mate held with the other and a thermos in the left armpit, as was portrayed by the specialized account Saar Ari Ros in Twitter.

The arrival of Messi to Argentina to spend the holidays. Photo: REUTERS / Stringer

The Paris Saint Germain star returned to the country accompanied by his colleagues from the French club Ángel Di María, Mauro Icardi -also natives of Rosario- and Leandro Paredes.

All of them left the runway in a bus from the air station and got off in the parking lot, where private vehicles were waiting for them. There some fans waited for the footballers to ask for a photo. It should be remembered that the wife of Leo, Antonela Roccuzzo, and their three children Thiago, Mateo Y Ciro they had arrived in Rosario earlier.


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