Portaltic.-Google prepares polyglot support for Android 13, with one language for each app

December 23, 2021

MADRID, 23 (Portaltic/EP)

Google is working on the development of the new version of its mobile operating system, Android 13, and the company is preparing a new multilingual support function, with which users can select a different language for each application.

This has been reported by the Android Police portal, which has become aware of a feature of Android 13 in development known as multilingual (‘panlingual’, in English), which is found in the language settings of the operating system menu.

By choosing this option, users could choose a different language for each application, regardless of the preferred language that they have previously selected when setting up their Android mobile.

Currently, except in cases where applications allow it internally, most of them automatically choose the language that the user has configured in Android. Changing it is only possible within each app, but not from the system.

With the new feature, for example, it is possible to choose the native language for social media applications and configure professional or work apps in English, among other possibilities.

The development of this function is still in its initial stages, but it will be managed through a new section in the Android 13 language settings called ‘app language’, or from the applications section.