Portaltic.-Motorola razr and several models of the moto g series will be updated to Android 12 from February 2022

December 23, 2021


MADRID, 23 (Portaltic/EP)

Motorola has revealed which will be the terminals that will receive the update of the Android 12 operating system from February 2022, among which are the razr 5G and razr 2020 models, as well as several of the g series, in which new ones will be included customization options for your My UX layer.

Through a statement, the company has detailed which will be the devices that will receive Android 12 from next year, among which are its two folding terminals (razr 5G and 2020) and several ‘smartphones’ of the moto g family ( g200 5G, g60s, g50, g40, g30, g power, g pure and g stylus 5G, among others).

Along with this list, in which the edge 20 models (pro, lite, plus, fusion) and one (5G ace and 5G UW ace) also stand out, the company has published what will be the news that its My personalization layer will bring. UX with the update of this operating system.

In addition to the novelties of Android 12, including its new design language, Material You, focused on enhancing customization and dynamism, Motorola’s My UX layer adds other options from the Settings menu.

These include the style and size of typographic fonts, colors, shapes, icon designs, device sounds, screen size or backgrounds.

Likewise, the conversations ‘widget’ can be configured, in which the latest notifications that have reached the device are shown, such as birthdays, missed calls or SMS.

To offer a cleaner interface, Android 12 will introduce new display functions, such as enlarging an area of ​​the screen by zooming without losing the rest of the content, new settings for brightness, grayscale or the ability to highlight the text in bold.

Also, with this operating system, Motorola users will be able to know when an application is using the microphone or the camera (through an indicator on the top bar), in addition to controlling access to its approximate location.

Finally, the company has highlighted the Moto Gametime mode, with which gamers can block notifications, control audio during game time or record the screen.