Postponed two Boxing Day games

December 23, 2021

  • Wolverhampton-Watford and Liverpool-Leeds have been suspended following the increase in cases in England

  • The Premier League, in a statement, assures that “safety is the priority”, and apologizes for giving the fans such short notice

The Premier League has announced the postponement of two matches that were to be played this Sunday, on the date of the traditional ‘Boxing Day‘: the Wolverhampton-Watford y el Liverpool-Leeds, both due to the increase in Covid cases. The competition has reported in a statement that “they will try to continue with the scheduled dates, although they will analyze the situations of all the affected teams to make the most convenient decision.” It also ensures that its objective is “to provide the greatest possible clarity in this situation”, so that “unfortunately sometimes postponements are communicated at short notice, since safety is the priority“.

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The Leeds is, for now, the most affected team of the four as it has suffered an outbreak that has affected the entire squad and has forced to close the sports city. The same has happened to Watford by Claudio Ranieri, who does not have the minimum number of players to play a game. The ‘Hornets’ hope to be able to recover troops for the next league clash that they will play on Tuesday 28 against the West Ham.

Last Monday the 20 Premier League teams chose to continue despite the increase in infections, but this Thursday coaches and players met to analyze the situation and make a joint decision. “The league will endeavor to keep fans informed if matches are at risk on any matchday,” said the statement, which apologized for notifying fans on such short notice.