Putin thanks Santa Claus for making him president

December 23, 2021

Vladimir Putin thanked “Ded Moroz” (Cold Grandfather), the Russian Santa Claus, on Thursday for helping him become president, almost 22 years after his arrival at the head of the Kremlin, on December 31, 1999.

“My relations with Abuelo Frío have always been good. I am grateful to him for being able to speak with you in my capacity (as president), but I am even more grateful to the Russian people who have trusted me for this role,” he said when asked. he asked about his relationship with this traditional character.

Putin became Russia’s interim president after Boris Yeltsin’s resignation on December 31, 1999, and has ruled the country’s destinies ever since. Indeed, in Russia “Ded Moroz” distributes his gifts on New Year’s Eve.

“I hope that he not only brings us gifts, but also makes the projects of the country and each of its citizens concrete,” he added in the framework of his annual press conference.

According to legend, a journalist from Veliki Ustiug, the town where the Russian Santa Claus resides, asked his opinion about a citizen who filed a complaint against “Ded Moroz”, accusing him of not having complied with his wishes for 23 years.

“I can become the lawyer for ‘Ded Moroz’ and remind the whistleblower that he only fulfills the wishes of those boys and girls who have been good (during the year). Let (the whistleblower) analyze his own behavior,” Putin replied.

“Ded Moroz”, a bearded old man very much like Santa Claus, hands out gifts to children on New Year’s Eve throughout the former USSR. He is helped by his granddaughter, Snegúrochka, the Snow Girl.