“She is very strong”: Sylvia Pasquel spoke about Silvia Pinal’s health after hospitalization

December 23, 2021

Sylvia revealed how her mother is (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

On the morning of this Thursday it was announced that Silvia Pinal is hospitalized for catching Covid-19 and her family has made various statements, including her daughter Sylvia Pasquel.

“When we arrived, my mother was in intensive care and they transferred her to a room. We went up to see her, she was very spirited, as always making her jokes. There the doctor came to tell us that the Covid-19 test had been positive, then they had to move it to a restricted area “, commented the actress for an interview on the program Today.

Sylvia Pasquel stressed that she and her siblings Luis Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán They remained in the hospital until they found out that their mother had a new room and they returned home, since they had all had contact with her and tests were carried out.

However, Silvia Pinal’s family remains positive about the evolution of her health, since the doctors have told them that everything is fine, besides that he has his complete vaccination schedule.

The actress's family is positive and they consider that she will recover soon (Photo: Instagram / sylviapasqueloficial)
The actress’s family is positive and they consider that she will recover soon (Photo: Instagram / sylviapasqueloficial)

“The doctor said that it came at the perfect time because the disease is just manifesting itself. She has her vaccines, we see her that she is very strong, that she is very well. The doctor considers that he will only go through the disease without any risk

Let’s remember that Sylvia had already mentioned that since yesterday around two in the afternoon they began to notice that the first actress recognized by the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, I already had low blood pressureBefore this, they called the nurse who normally watches over his health.

Although they gave her medication to stabilize her, they later spoke with a cardiologist and mentioned the importance of having a electrocardiogram not to rule out the possibility of putting a catheter and that it will improve your heart rate, as well as your blood pressure.

The famous confirmed that in the afternoon they were able to improve the oxygenation of the actress but they decided to take her to the hospital. “We were here at my mom’s house around 4:30 in the afternoon, trying to get her settled. The oxygenation improved because the air compressor was put on and that was when We agreed to take her to be checked”, Said the artist.

Silvia Pinal was hospitalized since last Wednesday (Photo: Instagram / @ chicofarandula)
Silvia Pinal was hospitalized since last Wednesday (Photo: Instagram / @ chicofarandula)

Regarding the tests carried out by Sylvia, Alejandra and Luis Enrique, they also released the results: “Look, we just found out we don’t have CovidWe are here with Omar who is testing us at the moment, that makes us see that we are strong and very well ”.

While Luis Enrique said he was very happy for not having the virus, because they will be able to visit and be aware of his mother in good health. “She is responding favorably, she is in very good condition, she is awake and talking to the doctor”He indicated, although there are other members of the family who were also waiting but did not speak about them or refer to their results.

For her part, Alejandra Guzmán commented that are doing studies to rule out infections or complicationsLet’s remember that the artist has been hospitalized in the past due to urinary tract and pressure problems.

“My mommy also had pneumonia And that’s why he has a fairly deep cough that they are going to treat him, but the best thing is that he has a very good clinical condition, he has a very strong heart. The truth is that he is responding well, his Covid picture is mild and I am sending him all that energy of love and positivity. Yesterday I was giving him kisses on the mouth and it works for me“, Concluded the singer.

Alejandra Guzmán is on the lookout for Silvia Pinal's health (Photo: Instagram / @ silvia.pinal.h)
Alejandra Guzmán is on the lookout for Silvia Pinal’s health (Photo: Instagram / @ silvia.pinal.h)


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