She sewed chinstraps in a pandemic, she felt creative and today she has an undertaking: “At 64 I discovered my vocation”

December 23, 2021

He recovered an old sewing machine to make masks, for four months he did not stop selling them

Background sounds Live life of the British band Coldplay. Ade not only enjoys the lyrics and melody while sewing on the machine, but there is also a certain analogy between the story behind that musical work, and the reinvention of this 64-year-old retiree.

As Chris Martin, the leader of the group, once explained was inspired by the painting of the Mexican artist Fridah Kahlo, who is ill and from her bed painted one of her most emblematic works, which is named the same as the song.

“This poor woman is me (or my back), wearing a mask last winter. How they saved me! Now I can cut my hair. And also to grow in my business. Because you guys helped me. Thank you ”, he wrote on his Twitter account @Maria, The Salsa. The message was applauded by the online community.

Behind the user he hides Maria Adelina, although she likes to be called Ade. That tweet he shared was a kind of thank you, although it served as an example for many.

The tweet he shared as a reflection on social networks
The tweet he shared as a reflection on social networks

Retired for almost four years, she found her true calling when she thought her time had passed. “At 60 I stopped working, after almost two decades in the gastronomic business. He was a kitchen assistant. It was a task that I liked, but I also did it out of financial need ”, he tells Infobae.

Born and raised in Villa del Parque, Ade was a single mother. It was always the sustenance of his house. “From my mother I inherited the PH where I live with my daughter. I don’t have air conditioning, I don’t have a car, I don’t pay rent either. Nothing is missing, but there is not so much left over, “he admits.

Since leaving the job market, he has dedicated himself to enjoying his free time, cooking for others, listening to pop music -one of the genres he likes the most-, watching travel and culture programs online. Until the pandemic arrived.

“With inflation and uncertainty, I noticed that my retirement stopped performing. I live for the day. Everything was increasing. Even my daughter had to terminate the contract and move in with me to cut down on expenses ”.

One afternoon in May 2020, in full social and compulsory isolation, his daughter brought him some scraps of cloth. “She didn’t even go out to the corner for fear of Covid-19, the only one who did it was she to work. You must have seen me a little discouraged, and the truth is that I felt useless. It encouraged me to do a craft, “he recalls.

So it was that he recovered an old sewing machine that he had in one of the closets in his house. “My mother was a manicurist and my father was a groom. He had given me a court book … but I had never paid attention to it, “he admits.

She began to dress the house: tablecloths, curtains, washcloths. “Time flew by, I put music in the background and let myself be carried away. Until it occurred to me to make chinstraps ”. With the help of some molds she took from the internet, another bit of ingenuity and time, Ade made a face mask. “Note that I had been beautiful.” Without thinking about it, one afternoon he dared to offer them at the corner store that sells children’s clothing. “I gave him about ten. A week later he called me because they were all sold. So for almost four months. I was motivated. “

In pandemic he bought a shelf to order his orders
In pandemic he bought a shelf to order his orders

Almost two years passed, and Ade never stopped working. “What began as an economic and emotional need, turned into a passion. I get excited to think about it. ” Today he no longer sews chinstraps and expanded into the line of linen: tablecloths, tablecloths, baskets, glasses holders. “I am a creative”, assures.

This is how it is sold on social networks. Since he started his business he created an instagram account @Adecitacreativa, where he publishes his designs. In a short time he had several clients. “The title of entrepreneur is too big for me, I like to think of a person who believes what they love.”

It is detailed and self-demanding. He delivers each piece wrapped in a recycled bag that he makes with the scraps that are left over. He also perfumes them with bay leaves, rosemary and lavender. “I think people value it, I take my clients with great respect,” he says. Although in reality, the secret of everything is in the love that he puts into what he does.

Ade expanded her project, making fabric baskets with prints and details to decorate the house
Ade expanded her project, making fabric baskets with prints and details to decorate the house

Ade’s story is a great little sample of the myth that at 60 the useful life ends. It’s not like that.

For Ana Gambaccini, dedicated for a long time to spreading and promoting the call silver economy or silver economy (which targets the sector of the population that is over 50 years old), it is necessary to review the concept of old age, because during the last 40 years life expectancy has increased and there is a new longevity.

“The woman who before at 60 ‘was a grandmother’ is now a person who has the desire, health and energy to develop her potential. You cannot call a 60-year-old ‘old’ if she is going to live to be 90 years old “, argues Gambaccini.

Along these lines, Ade confirms that age is a number. He plans to continue growing in his personal project. “The demand grows, and sometimes I can’t handle everything alone, so at some point I would like to incorporate someone to form a team.”

Meanwhile, the song Viva la Vida continues to play while sewing without limits. “I do and do things, because what is not sold today, is sold tomorrow. Long live my creativity! “


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