Simeone celebrates 10 years at Atlético with his worst numbers

December 23, 2021

  • The mattress team is the team that has worsened the most in the last year because, after the first 18 days of the last league, it had 18 points more than now

  • The ‘Cholo’ team had never conceded 53 goals in the same year and had never suffered 14 defeats in the calendar year, although their situation is not in danger

The champion is in the doldrums, he is in free fall, just when today, precisely today, marks the 10th anniversary of the arrival of Diego Pablo Simeone, the ‘Cholo’, to the bench of the mattress club. Match by match, Simeone has turned ‘Pupas’ into one of the most important clubs in the world and his team into a real toothache for any rival.

But, after the defeat suffered yesterday, in the Nuevo Los Cármenes, of Granada, the mattress team is going through the worst streak of Simeone’s prodigious decade, who, as soon as the game ended, blamed the neglect and details of the fourth consecutive defeat in the League, something that had never happened before in the ‘Cholista era’ , since to find such a negative streak we must go back to the campaign of Quique Sánchez Flores, in the 2010-11 season.

“There is only one way to come back, which is to work harder than ever and, in that sense, I know that both I and my advisers and footballers are going to do it from now on !, because that has always been our style and, from the first The day I arrived at Atlético, we worked with the same intensity and passion, ”Simeone told Movistar TV as soon as the Granada match ended.

Lousy defense

Atlético (and that is terrible and very symptomatic) is the team that has worsened the most in the last 12 months, in the last year, from one league to another. After day 18 of the last championship, Simeone’s team, which would end up proclaiming itself champion, had 47 points, that is, 18 more than at the moment, when it has already played 18 league games. But not only that, Atlético never, in the decade of ‘Cholo’, had conceded as many goals as now, which has 53: 47 (2012), 37 (2013), 49 (2014), 35 (2015), 36 ( 2016), 41 (2017), 43 (2018), 40 (2019) and 37 (2020).

But there is more, according to data provided by the COPE statistician, Pedro Martín, Atlético did not lose so many games (14) in the same year (2021), of the 51 they have played, having won 25 and tied the other 12. And, of course, he had never been 14 points behind the leader at the end of the first lap.

Koke, optimist

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Everyone knows that this disastrous streak, unprecedented in the ‘Simeone era’, will not make you reel, far from it! his enormous prestige at Atlético, where he will only leave when he decides to do so. The thesis that the ‘Cholo’ “will never be fired from the Wanda Metropolitano” is a hymn to have turned the rojiblancos into one of the most powerful clubs in Europe.

“We only need the luck we have had so far, nothing more. Everything else, work, intensity, dedication, passion, football, chances, defense, is still the same as always ”, commented the Captain Koke at the end of the Granada game. “Now, as the ‘mister’ says, we are losing matches that we do not deserve as before, perhaps, we won matches that we did not deserve to win. The victories are going to come again, for sure, because the team is trying and deserves it in every match ”.