Soccer.- Premier League coaches and players will seek solutions to the increase in infections in the league

December 23, 2021

LONDON, 23 (PA Media / dpa / EP)

The coaches and players of the Premier League meet this Thursday to solve the problems with the Covid in the coronavirus competition, given the increase in infections and the postponement of 9 of the last 20 matches in the highest category of England, in addition to other matches that continue to be programmed with staff casualties due to the virus, according to the PA news agency.

Premier League clubs opted on Monday to continue the Christmas calendar, while the League Cup quarter-finals were completed on Wednesday. Thus, the coaches and players of England will look for ways to cope with the growing number of infections from the Omicron variant, while also betting on maintaining the spectacle of the competition.

The second and fourth round of the FA Cup have already been ruled out to help ease the schedule, but Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp also indicated that he would prefer the League Cup semi-final to go to a single match.

“I think it would be better to one game, absolutely, but obviously what I say is not too important.” If there are two, then we will play two games. But it would be helpful if there was only one, right, “Klopp insisted.

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard further revealed the magnitude of ongoing coronavirus concerns among Premier League players. “We had a situation at the weekend where one of the players was reluctant to get out of his car because he had some symptoms and he has a young family, and his point of view can be fully understood,” Gerrard said.

“Nobody wants to contract this virus. They all want to protect their own families. This is our job and their priority will always be their family. We have a great responsibility to listen to the players and deal with each situation as it arises,” he said.