The Bonos meet with Manuel Martos to celebrate birthdays and Christmas

December 23, 2021



Amelia Bono has never been talked about so much as this year and since she made her separation with Manuel Martos public, she has been the subject of the media because she caused unstoppable interest. After months of that statement in which, in the purest style of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas, she assured that despite the fact that their love had ended, they would continue to have a very good relationship for the good of their children, we saw her sharing his heart again with Fernando Ligues.

During these days, Amelia Bono has not stopped. If you are a faithful follower of the influencer, you will see that her children come first and for that reason, she does not stop making family plans where she not only shows the family unit that there is, but the good relationship she continues to have with Raphael’s son.

In this case, the family got together to celebrate the birthdays of Gonzalo -the son of Amelia and Manuel Martos-, that of José Bono Sr. and that of Manuel. A three for one that left us images like these, in which we can see happiness on the faces of each one for being able to continue being a family despite not being in love.

“Yes, celebrating your birthday”, Amelia Bono herself confessed when we asked her about this family meal and ended by assuring: “Being with the family is the most important thing.” In this way, the influencer made it clear that for her, her priority is her family.

At this appointment we also saw José Bono junior, who was most happy to be on the birthday of his father, his ex-brother-in-law and his nephew: “Yes, celebrating the birthday of my father, Gonzalo and my brother-in-law.” As for how they had spent it, the rider assured that: “phenomenal” and about the gifts: “you know, the typical thing, some sneakers, but the whole family together and happy.”