The Government offered one million pesos to those who provide information on the bombing at a local in La Cámpora

December 23, 2021

The interior of the La Cámpora premises, after the attack

The national government offered a reward of one million pesos to those who provide information to clarify the bomb attack suffered by a local from La Cámpora in Bahía Blanca. The incident occurred at the end of May but the investigation remains open.

Through the Resolution 596/2021 of Ministry of National Security, published this Thursday in the Official bulletin, it was specified that the aforementioned sum is “intended for those persons who, without having intervened in the criminal act, provide useful data to determine the responsible perpetrators and / or clarify the events that occurred on May 25, 2021, from 02:50 hours, when an explosion occurred in the ‘Ateneo Néstor Kirchner’ -belonging to a political party- located at the intersection of Berutti and Donado streets, in the city of Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, with damage to both the property and neighboring buildings ”.

“People who want to supply data, they must communicate by phone with the National Coordination Program for the Search of Persons Ordered by the Justice of this Ministry, to the quick access telephone number 134″ Was indicated in the resolution signed by the Minister of Security Aníbal Fernández.

The payment of the reward will be made in the Security portfolio “or in the place designated by the representative of the ministry,” it was clarified, after a report on the “Merit of the information provided, preserving the identity of the contributor”.

One of the leaflets found near the place of the attack (@la_campora)
One of the leaflets found near the place of the attack (@la_campora)

The publication in the Official Gazette was accompanied by a poster, where you can see the facade of the Ateneo Néstor Kirchner that was attacked and the information on the $ 1,000,000 reward, which the Federal Security Forces must disseminate.

Was the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2 of Bahía Blanca, in charge of Santiago Ulpiano Martínez, which requested that the reward announced today by the Ministry of Security be offered.

The incident occurred at dawn on Tuesday, May 25. The local partisan ended up destroyed and covered in rubble. Near the property, intimidating and anonymous messages were found in pamphlets stating the alleged reasons for “starting a purge.” “Now to beware traitors we know where they live. HARTOS !!! OF ALL OF YOU”Said one of them.

Neighbors in the area stated on that occasion that they had received such notices from an apparent “anti-quarantine group.”

The shock wave of the explosion involved the breaking of a window, the metal shutter of the partisan premises and the fence that covered it. The most important damages were to glass and crystals in an area with a radius of about 15 meters, mostly in buildings that are on that street, as well as some apartments.

The first tests revealed that the detonated device was operated by remote control and that it was constructed from an aluminum tube.“It wasn’t any makeshift”, indicated at that time to Infobae research sources.

Government announcement
Government announcement

In images recorded by the security cameras in the area, it was possible to spot four suspects fleeing the attack. Federal investigators believe that behind the attack is a local far-right group in Bahía Blanca, which had previously attacked a Jewish school.

One of the pamphlets found near the scene of the event contained several slogans and the reasons for the perpetrators of the attack to begin “the purge” against “militant journalists and accomplices”. “Cynical and corrupt politicians”, “Millionaire unionists and thieves.” “They kill children with abortion”, “they hypersexualize our children with ESI and pornography”, “they subvert natural values”, “they betray our country”, they continued.

This attack is a fact of institutional gravity that highlights how far hate speech can go that incites and endorses this type of behavior, contrary to all democratic coexistence“La Cámpora said in a statement published a few hours later.


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