This is how María Clemente García, a deputy for Morena, broke into the cafeteria of the Chamber of Deputies

December 23, 2021

María Clemente García was caught on video throwing some glasses on the floor (Photo: Twitter / @MARIACLEMENTEMX)

As of Monday, December 20, a video in which you can see politics began to circulate on networks Maria Clemente Garcia, deputy for National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), throwing glasses and other utensils from the cafeteria into the Chamber of Deputies on the floor.

In the audiovisual material you can see the arrival of the woman, who was wearing a red blazer, to the establishment, then he approaches the bar and throws some Styrofoam cups on the floor along with other utensils that were on the sideboard. Finally, he withdrew from the scene.

The responses of the different users on social networks have been of a condemning nature with respect to García Moreno; but nevertheless, the reasons for the altercation are still unknown between the public official with the employees of the establishment, since the images lack audio.

María Clemente García is secretary of the Commission for Attention to Vulnerable Groups in the Chamber of Deputies and also serves as activist in defense of the rights of the LGBTTTI community in Mexico, since the 36-year-old legislator is the first federal deputy to be a trans woman.

During his political militancy, he has promoted an agenda of inclusion and equality for the community, in which, among other things, he has reiterated his call for the dispersal of medicines in clinics and public hospitals free of charge for women. people living with HIV / AIDS.

During his participation in the tribune of the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro on November 30She reiterated this slogan and assured that there is a direct relationship between “human rights with social protection and economic growth.”

A deputy from Morena was caught in a cafeteria throwing some glasses (Photo: Twitter / @LaMalaC)
A deputy from Morena was caught in a cafeteria throwing some glasses (Photo: Twitter / @LaMalaC)

“As the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Gutiérrez, has stated, the decades-long fight against HIV provides us with essential knowledge to ensure that national health responses guarantee the health of all people”

In this sense, from the Lower House, it promoted an agenda of respect for human rights, cultural identity, interculturality and gender diversity.

“I am María Clemente García Moreno, proudly deputy for Morena, a militant of Morena, a trans woman, poor, brown and a person living with HIV”

Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno
The incident has not yet been clarified (Photo: Twitter / @MARIACLEMENTEMX)

However, the incident is undeniable as it was captured by the surveillance cameras of the establishment. in addition In social networks, the chronology of the events was presented, where the time in which they occurred is explained, although they did not specify the day on which everything happened.

As indicated, García Moreno entered the a Zone A of San Lázaro at 4:48 p.m. (Central Mexico time). Five minutes later, the legislator was in zone B, where the cafeteria is located. Then she and a man who accompanied her they entered the premises and they took a seat. minutes later, Morena’s standard-bearer went to the bar and soon returned to her seat.

A few minutes passed and the deputy again approached the counter along with another woman. At that moment an environment of tension was perceived between the legislator and the employeesbecause the body language connoted disgust. They immediately withdrew from the scene; However, a few moments after leaving, María Clemente García turned around and that’s when she returned to the bar to throw away the objects that were in the place. It should be noted that when this happened there was no exchange of words, only the federal deputy threw things on the floor and left the place accompanied by another woman.


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