“This man, whenever we get a final, we lose it”: Hernán Torres was upset with the arbitration of Jhon Alexánder Ospina

December 23, 2021

Hernán Torres criticized the arbitration decisions of the 2021 BetPlay II League return final between Deportes Tolima and Deportivo Cali

The technical director of Deportes Tolima, Hernan Torres, could not hide his annoyance and resignation in the press conference after the game that ended 3-2 on the aggregate scoreboard against Deportivo Cali in the 2021 BetPlay II League grand final.

The Tolima coach was puzzled and drew attention to the arbitration determinations of the central judge Jhon Alexánder Ospina, who led the final back at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium and who also criticized that whenever he whistles the matches of the team pijao ends up harming the Ibagué team.

With a full stadium and a reception worthy of what was done in 2021, the team from the musical capital of Colombia fell 2-1 in the last game of the year with goals from Julián Quiñones, Jhon Vásquez and Hárold Preciado.

This last goal, converted at minute 74 via the penalty, raised all kinds of suspicions and criticism from coach Torres who considered the hand inside the area of ​​central defender Eduar Caicedo doubtful. Next, the repetition of the play prior to the last Caleño goal of the game:

At the post-match press conference, Torres was very frustrated at not being able to win the two-time championship at home and He said that football has peculiarities such as the constant unfavorable refereeing:

I think we had a good first half in which we managed the game, we scored the goal. In the second half they entered with the impetus we expected. They put a lot of men in our zone, as is usual for them, and that way they were able to score the goal that gave them the tie … The penalty already leaves me many doubts because it hits my player first in the chest and then hits him in the hand. I don’t know, unfortunately this man (Jhon Alexánder Ospina) whenever we get a final, we lose it, right? But hey, that’s football …

The coach accepted that his team had a very good year, but they needed the “five cents pa’l peso” to be able to seal a brilliant season, in which they were leaders of the reclassification with 90 points:

The whole campaign is important, but we lost, and we lost what we wanted most, the longed-for title, the longed-for dream, and the longed-for star. This is football, there is immense pain in the heart, and I, especially as a Tolima native, am very sad to see the whole stadium full and not give our people that joy so that they could leave happy, that has hit my soul

The press conference between Torres and Cataño ended with a bitter taste for the environment close to the club Vinotinto and Gold that, with a month to go before the new Colombian league championship starts, He has already started to lose weight players like Ómar Albornoz, new reinforcement of Junior de Barranquilla.

After the exhaustive referee analysis of the repetition of the play in which Cali got the penalty, there were experts who considered doubtful maximum penalty and they shared the position of Hernán Torres. Such was the case with the Twitter account The Central VAR, which interpreted that during the play Eduar Caicedo had no way of removing his hand after his opponent’s shot due to the proximity and speed of the action.

This was the explanation of Andrés Javier, administrator of the reputed Twitter account and in charge of analyzing the controversial move:

For me, BEWARE, for me, Andrés Javier, owner of the @ElVarCentral account, is not a punishable hand due to the short distance, the speed of the shot, and the little time the defender has to do something, other than if he had been given in the other arm that reached to extend it

Explanation of the account The VAR Central on the apparently non-punishable hand of the defender of Deportes Tolima, Eduar Caicedo, against Deportivo Cali in the final of the BetPlay II League 2021 / (Twitter: @ElVarCentral)
Explanation of the account The VAR Central on the apparently non-punishable hand of the defender of Deportes Tolima, Eduar Caicedo, against Deportivo Cali in the final of the BetPlay II League 2021 / (Twitter: @ElVarCentral)


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