This TV has a built-in recliner chair

December 23, 2021

File photo. | Credit: LG

In the framework of CES 2022 many brands showed their greatest technological advances and one of the most outstanding was the concepts of curved and flexible televisions.

Although they do not have much probability of going out to the global market, since there are few LG products that are presented at CES and finally put on sale, the event is an opportunity to demonstrate technological advances.

First appears the “media chair”, a reclining sofa at will with a 55-inch OLED television and an armrest with a touch screen, in addition to having the ‘Cinematic Sound OLED’ technology that would allow to create an atmosphere of sound without speakers In addition, from the chair you could control the orientation of the television, as it can also be used vertically.

The advantage of this reclining design is that even if it is reclined, the TV will always remain at the same distance within people’s viewing angle.

File photo.  |  Credit: LG
File photo. | Credit: LG

The second concept, rather than being a television, focuses on an exercise bike attached to three vertical 4K OLED screens, ‘Virtual Ride’ forms an immersion in front of and above the ‘cyclist’, although LG did not explain the specific reason for this concept , I would point to a more immersive virtual sports experience to be used casually or intensively, the design of this virtual experience resembles the second episode of the first season of ‘Black Mirror’ titled ’15 million credits’.

Faced with this model, the company claims to have achieved a radius curvature of 500 millimeters (500R), thus becoming the “tightest curve on a large screen”, and that is that LG itself presented a mobile phone at the beginning of the year with roll-up screen.

LG presents a ‘square’ screen

File photo.  |  Credit: LG
File photo. | Credit: LG

In order to create a monitor designed for the creation and programming of content, LG ‘DualUp Monitor’ is advertised as a screen with a 16: 8 ratio and a Nano IPS quality.

This monitor has a resolution of (2,560 x 2,880), which would offer the same screen space as two 21.5-inch monitors one on top of the other, and taking this into account, this screen can also be seen in split view to work in more than one application at the same time.

“LG’s Premium Monitors for 2022 offer the image quality, features and ease of use that can meet the needs of home and professional users,” said Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the LG business unit. IT from LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

This monitor was one of the winners of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

Credit photo.  |  Credit: LG
Credit photo. | Credit: LG

Finally, the last of the monitors presented by the company is the ‘LG UltraFine Display’ created for art directors, graphic designers, image and video editors, in addition to opening the door to live broadcasts, this monitor has a more ‘conventional’ design; However, it incorporates a Nano IPS Black panel with a 4K UHD resolution.

In terms of design, the strength of this monitor will lie in its detachable auto-calibrating sensor to maintain the level of color accuracy required by creatives.


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