Video: a truck dragged the power lines and knocked down eight utility poles in Villa Soldati

December 23, 2021

This Thursday at dawn, a group of residents of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Soldati he felt a roar and when he went out he found a scenario as risky as it was disconcerting: at least eight utility poles they had been ripped off their roots and fell on the sidewalk.

Although uncertainty reigned at first for not knowing what had happened, before noon the video of a security camera appeared showing how A large truck dragged the power lines from Calle Tabaré to 3000 and knocked down the wooden poles.

“At 4 in the morning An explosion was heard, we saw like a flare. We went out to the sidewalk, and in a block and a half were all the fallen power poles. We don’t know what happened, ”explained Marisol, the neighbor who notified 911, even without knowing details of what had happened.

Soon after, members of the 8 B Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police went to the place to, as a first measure, confirm that there were no people injured or material damage to homes and vehicles on the block and disrupting traffic in the section between Lafuente and José Martí streets and signal the detours.

Traffic is cut off between Lafuente and José Martí streets

The utility poles, according to the agents, were mostly left lying on the road and sidewalk, along with all the electrical wiring that they supported, which in some cases continues to cross from corner to corner or from one sidewalk to the other.

The neighbors still they have no electricity supply from the moment of the explosion, initially denounced lack of assistance and expressed their fear for the cables that remained in the street.

In dialogue with Infobae, an Edesur spokesperson confirmed that three crews -about 10 workers- work from 10 in the morning at the place replacing the poles and re-laying the low voltage cables, so that the neighbors “recover the supply” quickly.

The source also advanced that work will demand “the rest of the day.”

“After the police intervened Neither Civil Defense, nor Edesur, nor Firefighters appeared. Since 4 in the morning ”, explained Marisol in dialogue with TN. “It’s a danger. They were left here abandoned. I have two poles hanging that at any moment will fall on my house. They didn’t even come to fence it. “

light poles in villa soldati
“There are all the cables on the sidewalk and we do not know if they have electricity or not,” denounced a neighbor

Police sources indicated to Infobae that they have had no news regarding the investigation of this case, beyond the images of public knowledge.

Neighbors, the first to hear the explosion, looked incredulous at what happened. “We can not blame anyone but they have fallen hand in hand contrary to the traffic, in the event that it was a truck it must have entered the wrong way,” said the neighbor. “The point is that there are all the cables on the sidewalk and we don’t know if they have electricity or not.”

“There is a block and a half without electricity. Here I have a health situation with my youngest daughter, there is another neighbor who depends on an oxygen tube. Despite that, no one appeared to assess the situation. Beyond the claim of the light this is a danger ”, the woman concluded.


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