What was not told about the L-Gante scandal in the announcement of the Maidana-Cabrera fight: the role of the Boca bar and the controversial response of the artist

December 23, 2021

24 hours after the announcement of the boxing match between Chino Maidana and Yao Cabrera, the scandal involving L-Ghent continues to generate controversy. The artist used his social networks to clarify what happened amid a sea of ​​rumors of all kinds, where the Boca Juniors bar was even mentioned. Apart from this, the protagonists themselves later told what happened in the vip that the fighters shared after the presentation of the exhibition match that will take place in Dubai on March 5, 2022.

Infobae, present from the first hours at the event held in a downtown hotel, was at the exact moment in which the conflict broke out. Next, the racconto of the day that aimed to present the return of Chino Maidana to the ring after seven years against youtuber Yao Cabrera, but also ended up involving, inadvertently, other artists, celebrities and even a group identified with the fans xeneize, who works with CMP in promoting boxers.

The show was in tune and met the expectations of those who knew from the outset what this act was about. After the glamor due to the presence of several famous people, a press conference was added with strong Chicanas who went from one place to another, something common in the boxing environment and, why not, of the show business as well. All, of course, with the wink of the organization itself and the protagonists. However, it should not be ignored that there were moments of tension.

What is striking in this case is that the final scandal did not come from either the group that supported Chino Maidana or Yao Cabrera, despite the fact that he is known as a controversial person on social networks. The dispute came about a bill pass between Christian Manzanelli, organizer of the event and who represents the influencer, and L-Gante, who was part of it as Cabrera’s guest.

“This is crazy. You have to have the balls ehh (and look at the youtuber). Let’s see what’s up. The truth is, I wasn’t even aware of what ‘vanilla’ was like here, they told me to come over here, but I didn’t know they were there. But I did find out about the fight and I wish the best to the turro that is crazy high “, expressed the singer with great sincerity as soon as he arrived at the presentation conference.

After the step that Chino Maidana gave to his gaucho friend, Osvaldo De La Cruz, Yao Cabrera made L-Gante sing. At that moment, Christian Manzanelli left a message for the artist. “I take advantage of the fact that L-Gante is here to tell you that with María Palacios, ‘La Chabona’, a year ago we have been trying to communicate with you to record a song or something with her. I think that if we talk about humility and respect, you who are from the neighborhood should give her a chance too, because she is a woman and she deserves it. I ask publicly for the opportunity so that you can do something with it ”.

L-Gante responded in a climate that had already become a bit tense: “I’m from the neighborhood, you said … and that’s why if you want to make friends, you don’t make a mess like that … Since I’m from the neighborhood, the opportunity is, maybe I give it to him the same because I am a piola ”. Christian, added: “I have been trying to talk about this with the representative for a year and when it was not hitting so hard we have been supporting the music of L-Ghent. That is humility. La Chabona is a woman and has the right to get ahead ”.

This generated a short circuit at the end with some skirmish that included the two protagonists in the VIP of the fighters. There the situation almost got out of hand when the 21-year-old singer observed that Manzanelli was filming him, the promoter went up in smoke and put himself on guard: “You are afraid, you fucking … Are you afraid that he will break you? mouth?”.

At that time, some people identified to the side of the promoter and with ties to Chino Maidana, were in defense of the organizer, who later, in dialogue with TN Show, gave details of the altercation that was recorded by the cameras of several cell phones of those present : “I asked him why, if he’s as humble as he says, he hasn’t answered me for a year when I ask him if he can record a song with La Chabona and give it a chance. He broke a glass and wanted to stick it in me. I already sent the video to Fernando Burlando and I am going to file a complaint. He did it in front of everyone. There were 200 people and there are all the filming. He was drugged and they couldn’t control him ”.

The versions quickly spread and although at first it seemed that L-Gante was attacked, it was heard that what was tried was to calm the artist by the presence of boys in the room. Glasses fell, some posters, but the situation did not pass to greater and the very people identified with the xeneize fans ended up protecting the singer and helped him to leave the place.

Yao Cabrera explained it in his social networks.

“Well guys, I’ll explain what happened, well summarized. So that you understand, Chino Madiana had his people and I had mine, which included L-Gante, Wanda Nara, Alex Caniggia, Charlote Caniggia, Burlando, Cipolla, Kevin Macri, etc. At the time of the questions, Christian Manzanelli made a half pass of tone to L-Gante that he did not like, nor to Maxi Brother (his representative). And when the press conference ended, Maxi and L-Gante returned to ‘burn’ everything because they had not liked what had happened with Manzanelli, who had disrespected him in front of everyone. So far so good ”, was the prologue of the influenter’s explanation.

“After L-Gante and Maxi Brother entered the VIP to ‘burn’ everything because they had understood that they had disrespected L-Gante and Maxi did not like him, half that they rebuked Christian Manzanelli. I don’t know what happened, if a glass was broken or not, I didn’t actually see it. What I saw that at the moment that L-Gante went over to Manzanelli, who did not hit him, the entire Boca bar came out behind that was supporting Chino Maidana and Manzanelli. So they wanted to kill L-Ghent and if they see the video I went ahead to defend him. Really guys, everything got out of hand, “added Cabrera, still moved by the situation.

Immediately afterwards, he clarified: “I am neither in favor nor in fart with all this conflict. I am not happy with what Christian Manzanelli did, publicly rebuking him, and it was not good that they came to ‘burn’ everything and want to fight someone because it was an event where we are promoting sports and boxing inside a ring, not outside. It was not good that everything was ‘burned’ like that, I did not like it, it is not what we are promoting. Guys, we are all fine, no one hit anyone, there was no boxing, there was nothing. And all ready and focused for the fight that is on March 5 in Dubai. Thanks to all who were ”.

Of course, L-Gante used the same route of social networks to respond to Manzanelli. “Friend, they invited me there and no room, I was just cool. When he rescued me, at the conference they were talking about me live, and I was clapping like a logi. I didn’t even know they were talking about me. Things are discussed privately and on top of that they put your condition on me if you are from the neighborhood … You know, I’m from the neighborhood ”.

answer Maxi Brother L-Ghent

“So to that piece of a suit cunt, it gives him so much to want to lower a 21-year-old boy live in a conference full of boxers and security … Then you know how the chinchulín shrunk when we faced,” continued the singer with posts on his Instagram. “Quiet, it was a scare just a little chetito. It was not necessary for the boxers and braves to defend you. They make me feel bad. Quiet, quiet, I’m not angry and nothing, I just comment and explain as it was. Nor is it anything armed. It was for that reason, for not letting them arm anything with me ”, closed L-Gante.

answer Maxi Brother L-Ghent

Maxi Brother, representative of L-Ghent, was also not far behind and made an analogy with football about what happened. “It’s like a soccer game. One goes FairPlay all cool, but when you are skillful and they come to you in a bad mood, you have to react. Either you throw a pipe or a kick, or both together. A press conference for ESPN AND THEY WANTED TO CHICANEAR AND PUM. They collided with reality head-on. CUMBIA 420 PA LOS NEGROS ”, appeared on the artist’s account with his signature. And he added: “Thank God we are doing well with what we do, we don’t need a circus.”

The first round from the media seems to be over, but this is not over yet and there is promise that there will be more. Although it is an unthinkable and misplaced fight, of “semi depth”, the protagonists will continue to throw their fists to the point of leaving the exhibition fight between Chino Maidana and Yao Cabrera at the best cooking point. That is what they expect in the two corners that will be part of an unprecedented event for Argentina.

Just as it happened months ago with the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, which raised more than 200 million dollars only with the sales of Pay Per View, once again a former boxer and a youtuber will face each other on top of a ring. Marcos Maidana, 38, has not fought since Sept. 13, 2014, when he lost his rematch to Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision in Las Vegas. El Chino has an impressive record of 35 wins (31 by KO) and five losses.

Yao Cabrera, however, at 24 is a recognized influencer, and will make his debut as an amateur boxer in this fight. Many of his controversial publications unleashed scandals that ended in criminal complaints, he even posted a disgusting video in which he pretended to have been murdered. However, he has millions of new-age fans and as he himself announced, he will try to take fist fighting to a new level.


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