Who is behind the football wars

December 23, 2021

In recent years, the world of football has been immersed in permanent conflicts off the pitch. Wars of power on a different scale that involve not only the actors who are usually protagonists in the offices of this sport, such as presidents of clubs, suspenders Y federations, but also the first swords of other sectors that have been positioned on different sides according to their economic and political interests.

At present there are three main wars that are lived in football, each one of them on a different scale, although with coinciding actors. At the global level, FIFA’s desire to expand the number of World Cups and celebrate them every two years has raised in arms the two most powerful confederations on the globe, the European (UEFA) and the South American (Conmebol), allied to try to curb FIFA’s expansive hunger.

On a continental level, the check to the established order made by several of the most powerful clubs to leave the UEFA structure and organize their own Super League is still alive. On the first of the sides they only survive Real Madrid, Barcelona Y Juventus, which are backed by a law firm (Clifford Chance) and a financial advisor (Key Capital Partners) world-class.

Opposite are almost all the other levels of European and national football, starting with UEFA itself and continuing with RFEF Y LaLiga, which despite their multiple and not concealed discrepancies are on the same side in front of the Super League. The PSGOnce an enemy of the official estates for their breaches of the financial Fair Play, he is today an ally of all of them.

Finally, in a national sense, conflicts are abundant, but the actors in them coincide, regardless of the issue in question. On the one hand, LaLiga brings together the will of the vast majority of clubs Spaniards, always facing Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic, as well as the RFEF. Between two waters the Government always moves, through CSD.

The agreement with CVC has been the great battle in recent weeks. In it, LaLiga has relied on the investment fund, legally advised by Latham&Watkins, and at the firm Uría and Menéndez. The three historic clubs, led by Florentino Pérez, have had the backing of the JP Morgan bank and the lawyers of Clifford Chance, also present in the Superliga project.

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Other relevant agents in these wars are being Mediapro, audiovisual partner of LaLiga, and Goldman Sachs, that I have given Barcelona the financial cushion it needed for its survival. The statutes of the Women’s League are another of the great workhorses of national football at this time with sides, once again, predetermined: Barça, Madrid and Athletic on the one hand and the rest of the clubs on the other.