2021 breaks record in allocation of subsidies for home purchase VIS and No VIS

December 24, 2021

Archive image. (Bogota Colombia). A study carried out by the company La Haus revealed the five most recommended sectors in the capital of the country to buy a home. Photo: Colprensa.

With the end of the year, the figures left by the main sectors that have been the protagonists of the economic reactivation in the country, among them that of housing, begin to be known.

According to the Ministry of Housing, From January to December 17 of this year, 95,476 households accessed government aid to purchase a home. Of these, 66,987 benefited from aid for the purchase of VIS social interest housing and 28,489 for the purchase of Non-VIS housing.

“These results are unprecedented, in 2021 we beat all possible records, including the record in the allocation of subsidies, it is the year in which we have granted the most aid in the entire history of the country for families to fulfill their dream of being homeowners. If we put together all the subsidies granted, we could have a city the size of Floridablanca or Itagüí, that is the magnitude of the work carried out throughout this year ”, said Jonathan Malagón, Minister of Housing, City and Territory.

The ranking of the departments where more Colombians accessed VIS and Non-VIS home purchase aid is led by Cundinamarca with (14,696 subsidies), Valle Del Cauca (14,336), Atlántico (11,673), Bogotá DC (10,348), Antioquia (9,321 ), Tolima (4,887), Santander (4,526), ​​Bolívar (4,079), Risaralda (3,197) and Norte de Santander (2,853).

By cities, the top 10 where Colombians most accessed subsidies to purchase VIS were: Barranquilla (5,427 subsidies), Soacha (5,394), Bogotá (4,921), Jamundí (4,847), Soledad (4,019), Candelaria (3,378), Ibagué (3,015), Cartagena (2,242), Tocancipá (2,134) and Cali (1,639).

The 10 cities where non-VIS home purchase subsidies were most requested were: Bogotá DC (5,427), Bello (1,533), Barranquilla (1,414), Medellín (1,102), Sabaneta (1,069), Ibagué (1,015), Bucaramanga (881 ), Cali (804), Itagüí (691) and Mosquera (688).

The information also specified that since 2019 a total of 160,458 subsidies from the Mi Casa Ya program. Not counting that from May 27, 2020 and cut to December 17, 2021, 135.373 households have accessed the VIS and Non-VIS home purchase subsidies launched within the framework of the start-up Commitment to Colombia, created in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

“This good dynamic has undoubtedly boosted the commercialization of housing in the country. 2021 is already the best year in home purchases, according to data from the Urban Coordination of Camacol, Colombians have acquired 220 thousand VIS and Non-VIS units and by the end of the year it is estimated that this figure will exceed 240 thousand units”, Specified the Ministry of Housing.

In other related news, the construction of the first 26 homes of the 318 housing solutions to be built there and in Inzá will begin in the municipality of Paéz. This, in order to improve the quality of life of rural indigenous households in the country.

According to the Minister of Housing, Jonathan Malagón, “in this way, we not only deliver decent housing solutions, but We generate 502 direct jobs and 1,090 indirect jobs in the region”.

The Nasa Kiwe Corporation, in charge of the project, visited the potential beneficiary households to make a comprehensive diagnosis and verify the conditions of the lots where the work will be carried out, in order to guarantee that they meet the requirements to access the housing subsidy.


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