A 4.0 earthquake was reported in western Colombia

December 24, 2021

It trembled in western Colombia. The second earthquake in 48 hours in the department of Cauca. Stock Photography. EFE / Ulises Rodríguez

The Colombian Geological Service reported on the night of December 23 a strong seismic movement in the department of Cauca.

The epicenter was the municipality of Puracé, Coconuco, in the department of Cauca, at 8:10 p.m., with a magnitude 4.0 on the Richter scale and a shallow depth of 12 kilometers.

It should be remembered that on December 21 the SGC reported another earthquake, this time of 4.5 on the Richter scale and its epicenter was the municipality of Puracé.

The authority did not report damage to infrastructure or injuries from the earthquake.

Some recommendations to keep in mind during an earthquake

– Depending on the type of construction you are in, you must follow certain recommendations. If it is in an earthquake resistant structure, be located near columns, under a desk or in the areas demarcated as safe, Always away from glass or items that may fall. Whereas, if it is an informal building, try to leave immediately and, during your evacuation, monitor your surroundings to identify dangers.

– Do not stand under the door frames, as it is not a safe place, the frame helps dissipate the energy of the earthquake, so it can break and collapse.

– If you are in your home, and only if possible, open the front door and the bedrooms, as they could lock and leave you and your family locked up.

– If you are in a public place like a theater or cinema, stay in your chair, protect your head with your arms and wait for the earthquake to end, then evacuate.

What should an emergency kit have in case of an earthquake?

Colombia is one of the 30 countries that are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a point where several tectonic plates converge.

The constant movement and friction of the plates leads to a release of energy. When it is gradual, earthquakes of low intensity occur. When it is sudden, earthquakes of great magnitude occur.

According to the District Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change (Idiger), the kit must be reviewed at least once a year and it is necessary to update it according to the needs of the household members.

Below is the list of items that should go in the emergency kit:

– First aid kit and reserve of your essential medications.

– Cash in the bag.

– Home and office keys.

– Nutrition and hydration.

– Complete change of clothes (for each member of the family).

– Copy of personal documents.

– Blanket or light blanket. Waterproof layers.

– Garbage bags, duct tape, rubbers, sturdy rope and razor.

– Spare batteries.

– Basic cleaning elements.

– Lantern.

– Whistle.

– Plate, bowl and spoon.

– Radio.

Likewise, he stressed that earthquakes cannot be predicted and for that same reason the information that is issued before the events occur must be ignored.


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