AMP.-Ukraine.- Putin assures that “he could not refuse” to help the Crimeans in 2014 and defends the annexation of the territory

December 24, 2021

Russia is favorable to the round of consultations at the beginning of the new year

The United States believes that the diplomatic talks scheduled for January are “the right way forward.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin assured this Thursday that “he could not refuse” to help the Crimeans in 2014 when the peninsula was annexed given the need to protect the population “after the coup that took place then in Ukraine” .

“How could we refuse to take Sevastopol and Crimea and the people who live there under our protection? It was impossible. They put us in a situation where we could not make another decision,” said the president during his annual speech.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 after the holding of a referendum in which the majority of voters, more than 96 percent, endorsed the annexation, something that has not been recognized by the international community.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the people of Crimea, democratically and in full compliance with International Law and the Charter of the United Nations, voted in favor of reunification with Russia. According to the Russian president, the issue of Crimea “is definitively closed”, as reported by the Sputnik news agency.

This same Thursday, the president has indicated that the security of Russia cannot depend on the situation in Ukraine, where the forces of Kiev face pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country.

“We must think about the prospects to ensure our safety not only tomorrow or next week, but in the near future. How should Russia live with this, all the time with an eye on what will happen there and when they attack? a very serious question, “he said.

In this sense, he has stressed the importance of guaranteeing Russia’s security and, therefore, has stated that it is “a matter of time before NATO progresses to the east.” “Now the ball is in their court and they have to respond. We want to emphasize that in general we see a positive reaction,” he said.

Putin has conveyed that US partners have indicated their willingness to start consultations in early 2022, possibly in Geneva, Switzerland. “Representatives from both sides have been appointed, I hope the situation will develop in this way,” he said.

On December 17, Russia outlined its vision of an agreement with the United States on security guarantees in Europe. According to Moscow, the NATO countries must commit to contain the expansion of the bloc and exclude the accession of Ukraine and other nations of the former Soviet Union.

The Russian initiative also provides for the creation of a direct line with the Atlantic Alliance for emergency contacts and regular exchange of information on military exercises and maneuvers. In addition, Russia has urged the United States to reciprocally renounce the deployment of nuclear weapons outside the national territory and withdraw those already installed.


Putin has taken the occasion to again urge the international community to offer immediate security guarantees for Russia and has asserted that the expansion of NATO to the east is “inadmissible”.

“And now the corresponding systems are appearing in Romania and Poland. That is what I am talking about. We do not threaten anyone. Have we gone to the borders of the United States? To those of the United Kingdom? They have come to us,” he asserted. .

Putin also stressed that Russia’s actions will not depend on the course of possible negotiations “but on whether security for the country is truly guaranteed unconditionally today and from a historical perspective.”

On the other hand, the Russian president has described cooperation with China as a “stabilizing factor” at the world level and has defended that it is “an exhaustive partnership of a strategic nature (…) beneficial for both the Chinese and the Russian people.”

In addition, he recalled that both countries work together on security, space, aviation and nuclear energy, among other issues. “Our personal relationships are very trustworthy and help us build business relationships,” he concluded.


White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has assured that NATO and the West are not fueling the tensions and has returned the ball to Moscow: “Well, the facts are something funny, and the facts make it clear that the only aggression that we are seeing is the military concentration of the Russians and the bellicose rhetoric of the leader of Russia. “

On NATO, Psaki has stressed that it is a “defensive and non-aggressive alliance” and has assured that “our efforts are to work with our partners and defend ourselves.”

On the other hand, the White House spokeswoman has been in favor of the meeting at the beginning of the year: “At that conference President Putin said that he was encouraged, and here I am paraphrasing, by the diplomatic talks in January. We also believe that that is the best way and the right way to follow, “he said.

Likewise, he has reported that “they are working” on these diplomatic talks, which are expected to take place in early January, although Psaki has insisted that the details are being finalized and that, for now, it cannot be confirmed if it will be in Geneva. or not: “At the moment there is no final agreement on the location.”