Bolsonaro sent a formal greeting to Boric four days after being elected president of Chile

December 24, 2021

Jair Bolsonaro President of Brazil

The president of Brazil, the right-wing Jair Bolsonaro, presented this Thursday the “formal greeting” to the leftist Gabriel Boric, elected president of Chile last Sunday through a brief note released by the Foreign Ministry.

The greeting was given four days after the official result of the elections in the southern country was known, something that the Brazilian president attributed to the rest that had been taken in recent days.

“I recently finished arriving on a trip and determined to Itamaraty (the palace where the Chancellery works) to present formal greetings to the president-elect of Chile”Said the Brazilian president during the live broadcast that he carries out weekly on social networks.

In a somewhat cavalier tone, the right-wing leader announced the results of the elections in the southern country.

“Practically half of the population abstained and with the other half that went to vote (the result) gave 55% for this Boric and 45% for Kast,” he said.

Boric won the far-right candidate José Antonio Kast in the second round of the elections held last Sunday in Chile with 55.8% of the votes.

Gabriel Boric, President-elect of Brazil
Gabriel Boric, President-elect of Brazil

Bolsonaro was the only Latin American leader who had not congratulated Boric after his election as the new president of Chile, something that is already usual in the Brazilian president, who also took time to greet other left-wing candidates who came to power in their countries, such as This was the case of Alberto Fernández, when he won the elections in Argentina.

In the note sent this Thursday, the Government of Brazil wished Boric success in his mandate and expressed its willingness to strengthen bilateral ties and work together for initiatives in the region.

“By reaffirming the solidity of the ties of friendship and cooperation, the Brazilian Government expresses its willingness to work with the Chilean authorities to strengthen bilateral and regional initiatives in favor of the objectives of economic development, the defense of freedom and democracy, and respect for the rule of law ”, says the note released by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

(With information from EFE)


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