Cristian Benavente: Its market value plummets, five times less in the last three years

December 24, 2021

Cristian Benavente He is going through one of the lowest moments of his career, in sports and in terms of his value in the transfer market, after three years of instability, some injuries and little activity in his clubs.

Cristian Benavente began an auspicious career in Real Madrid Castilla, and transcended in national football due to his Peruvian origin, being called up to the U-17 team for the South American Ecuador 2011 in the category, and later to the senior team.

Currently, he has 10 months without playing an official match. Cristian Benavente far from his best football level, it was reflected in his listing on the transfermarkt portal.

Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Cristian Benavente reached its highest value in the football market, reaching 5.5 million euros at age 24, according to the portal. Precisely on those dates he went from RSC Charleroi in Belgium to Pyramids in Greece.

After an irregular campaign in the Greek team, he managed to pass to Nantes in France. However, its price continued to decline. By December 2019, at the age of 25, its value was reduced to 4 million euros. He then returned to Belgium to join Royas Antwerp FC.

Once again, he returned to RSC Charleroi, to finally join the Pyramids of Greece, the club that owns his file and in which he could not play again due to injury.

A) Yes Cristian Benavente, He changed clubs up to five times between 2019 and 2021. In each of his teams the number of games per season began to decrease, and with it their value in the market.

A) Yes, Cristian Benavente, in less than three years, went from being worth 5.5 million euros to just one million euros, according to the value registration points of the transfermarkt portal, from September 2018 (the highest) and December 2021 (the lowest).

Cristian Benavente it decreased in its price in the market with the same speed that it managed to reach the highest point. From his signing with MK Dons in the Second Division of England in 2015 and his time at Charleroi in 2016, the midfielder began to rise in value in the market, until his transfer to Pyramids, in which he began to fall.

Cristian Benavente He played two South Americans with the Peruvian team: U-17 in Ecuador (2011) and U-20 in Argentina (2013), in which he scored two goals. Known as ‘Chaval’, he was called up to the Peruvian senior team in 2013 and made his debut in the friendly against Mexico.

That same year, the Spanish footballer with Peruvian descent, played his first game in his second call by coach Sergio Markarián, against Argentina for the 2014 Brazil Qualifiers.

In Ricardo Gareca’s process, he was also considered for the Russia 2018 qualifiers. Even, Benavente he was considered for the last two preparation games against Iceland and Croatia prior to the World Cup. Finally, he was not on the list of World Cup players.


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