Cristina Pedroche warms up for the Campanadas with a change of look in ‘El Hormiguero’

December 24, 2021


A few days before the long-awaited night of the chimes in which one more year Cristina Pedroche will be in charge of saying goodbye to the year together with ALberto Chicote, the television collaborator visited ‘El Hormiguero’ leaving everyone with their mouths open for her style with change With a look included, opting for a tight dress that simulated a full nude, Pedroche made it clear that this year she is willing to give everything from Puerta el Sol in a year that has ended up getting complicated because of the Covid-19. Of the most talked about of the night, Cristina once again sowed doubt with her hair. After broadcasting the promotional video of the New Year’s Eve Chimes in which the presenter appears cutting her hair and letting it fall, Pedroche explained to Pablo Motos: “This is a wig but it doesn’t show because it’s a good one. I want people to know what is underneath here and people to know what is going to happen … This year more is happening around and not only is the dress, one thing has happened in the world head … It will be seen as soon as you connect in the evening”.